What makes 'SWDB' such an important part of your life?

Hi, amigos.

When I joined this robust and trigger-happy band of banditos, back-stabbers, whore-mongers, undertakers, crooked bank-clerks, and thoroughly down-to-earth ‘nice’, but ‘cordite-friendly’ reprobates, I felt extremely privileged…

Several years later… I still do!!

Along the way, I have encountered (on the web-board) …(this sounds like a Batman-prop!!)…many interesting and extremely likable fans of the greatest genre on earth - the ‘Speggie’!!!

(Am I the only person on earth who calls them ‘Speggies’??)

There are many magnificent and like-minded ‘Companeros’ that I would dearly like to meet one day…if only to say that I have encountered a select few stalwarts of the web-base:

These stalwarts (bearing in mind that this is only a small selection) , are ‘Sebastian’; ‘The Reverend;
Phil H.; ‘Yodlaf’, ‘Silver’…the list of ‘character actors’ that I consistently read is never-ending…
for what makes ‘SWDB’ important in my own, personal life…
In the past few years, my own journey began by producing my very own ‘Spaghetti Western’ Menu’, which I had decided to write, and followed one of my last ever trips to my beloved Almeria.

In my menu, I included a host od Spanish/Italian pasta etc. dishes, that (even now) find their way on to my table on a Winter evening in the UK.

My first initial thought- on joining ‘SWDB’ was - “How is it possible that, after all this time, I have now discovered such a mixed band of trigger-happy fans, who are as mad about the genre as I am!”

It was a beautiful moment.

Afterword: All I seem to do nowadays is contribute to the ‘R.I.P.’ section…could someone please re-name me ‘THE UNDERTAKER’!!!

All the best, Companeros…

Always look forward to viewing a Spaghetti western, even the not so good ones. Ever since I started to view them those many years ago, I still get a buzz out of watching one as there is bound to be something I like in the film.

Well, it’s just THE resource if you like a bit of Spag-flavoured yee-haw action, innit?

Spags were for many many years an area that I sort-of knew I liked having only seen the Dollars trilogy, OUaTitW and Django. I didn’t even realise I liked westerns in a more general sense until someone said to me in a wider conversation about movies, “Wow, you like your westerns, don’t you?” And I realised that, yeah, I do. But not any type of western, and the type of westerns I felt I responded to the most weren’t as well represented on my “watched” list as maybe they should have been, so it was a real revelation when I had a google about and found this place, and even more of a find to discover that its forums were populated by the most knowledgeable people IN THE WORLD on the subject of Spags (or indeed of European cinema in general for that matter). So now - and almost exclusively as the result of this resource - I’ve gone from having seen 5 Spags to seeing 125 Spags or so, and in the process becoming… well, not an expert on the subject but certainly knowing my Sartana from my Sabata, My Fidani from my Damiani, my Django Kill from my Ringo Kill, my Viva Django (that one) from my Viva Django (the other one). :slight_smile:

i used to call them “spaghies” :wink:

You all stole from me. I was the first here to call them Spags or Spaggies (copyrighted terms). Just writing it with slight modifications violates my patented invention.
You will hear from my lawyer soon.

I occasionally write spagh(s)

I calls 'em “Horsey Flicks” or “Shootey Beauties”, or “Yee-haa, Italia!”.

Just in my head, like.

Some (if not many) I call shit.

Horse shit :slight_smile:

-And the lack of it here, in the discussions.