What is it with the US censors?

I mean they’re more strict about softcore nudity than violence! Weird!

I guess all censors must be weird, so they do weird things, comes with the job.

So Silence school holidays during the world cup, any kid’s dream. Too bad Sweden it’s out of the job ;D

UK censors are a bit of a pain aswell.

I have heard they can be very tough on sex and nudity, but not on violence as much. This policy has gotten quite a bit of flack. I think British censors are a bit more balanced.

Japanese censors are the wierdest. Their porn films feature such depraved themes as rape, incest, and scatology, yet they censor out genitalia!

Now that’s weird! No offense Col. but really a part of the Japanese film industry is kinda sick…

And to the problem with the Swedish censors… they aren’t followed anywhere outside the citys!

The first print I ever viewed of El Topo was from a Japanese source print and they did this. Strange at the time as of course all the violence was intact.

Shit the bastards they cut out the genitalia from El topo ;D

I’ve heard that print is actually Saudi-Arabian. Sounds hard to believe to me.

Shocking :wink: .

[quote=“El Topo, post:9, topic:2398”]Shit the bastards they cut out the genitalia from El topo ;D[/quote]not cut really but blurred.

Ah Ok they use digital castration ;D

Why would I take offense?

Cause you’re Japanese. But I was a bit over there.

LOL I’m actually Chinese. Thats a BIG difference. We fly 20 feet up through the air with a sword in our hand while the Japanese stay on the ground.


Oops, I didn’t knew that. I always thought you were actually a Canadian.

Nationality: Canadian
Ethnicity: Chinese
Occupation: Ass Kicker :wink:

I like it !