What Film Are You Watching Tonight?

(Mickey13) #8161

Booze makes things easier. I think.

(The Man With a Name) #8162

I have always enjoyed the first film. The sequels were pretty boring though.

(tomas) #8163

Okay. I always knew this moment will come one day. Cant help myself, I just have to know, if I’m courageous enough. Alea iacta est.



‘Clyde’ the orangutan … that’s the one on the left, is the least of this film’s problems - Wait until you witness Sondra Locke trying to be a sexy femme fatale :nauseated_face:

(tomas) #8165


Well, i liked Sondra in Josey Wales and Sudden Impact, so…


In that case, you’re in for a huge treat ! :rofl:


Watching Gangs of New York for the first time. @aldo how do you rate Leo’s Irish accent??


Not the worst I’ve ever heard, but it’s still what’s referred to as ‘Stage Irish’ “B’Jasus !” … he should have had plenty of help with his accent, as most of the supporting cast are real Irish guys.

Was deeply disappointed by this movie when I caught it at the flicks … it felt like Scorsese was trying to do a Leone, which doesn’t quite suceed. Daniel Day Lewis is enormously entertaining, and I’ve enjoyed it more on repeat viewings because of his unique and hypnotically evil character, Bill Cutting.

Could have really done without the shit U2 song at the end - The movie is over the top and ambitious, but should have been much better.

(Andy) #8169

Watching the Hammer Horror classic Dracula: Prince of Darkness tonight. If I had a region free blu-ray player I’d buy a lot of the UK Hammer releases. I just have a collection on DVD at the moment.

(Andy) #8170

Watching Johnny Yuma (1966) tonight. Mark Damon is pretty average. I haven’t watched this one in about 10 years.

(Piripero) #8171

So shockingly bad it forced me to reassess my opinion of Scorcese.