What Film Are You Watching Tonight?

The Irishman

An hour in, and the CGI faces haven’t been too distracting so far.

Been spending this week watching Sergei Bondarchuk’s Voyna i Mir (War and Peace), amazing and beautiful film.

The source novel isn’t bad either :wink:

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Yes, one can recognize good books by their possibilities to serve as a film’s source …

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Update: This film became a chore. Like @aldo said, it seemed like a parody of a Scorsese film at times.

Thought I’d mention, this week I re-watched Taxi Driver which is just in a different league from ‘‘The Irishman’’ and how refreshing to see De Niro giving 100% - His performance and the entire movie feel really fresh and vital, a stark contrast to what is on offer these days … most of us here respect Scorsese as one the greats but you can’t make excuses or pardon a long boring film even when it’s by Marty and the dream team.


It’s basically The Expendables: Italian Edition.

Aldo, you’re an Irishman, so where’s the movie about you??


Still in pre-production! LOL

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Only a few more hours to go then :slight_smile:

The Lord of the Rings trilogy (I’ve never seen them).

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If it’s the extended edition prepare to be up until dawn the next day it’s like 12 hrs.

About time…

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Sticking with the theatricals. I’m onto The Two Towers.

I’ve been in a mainstream kind of mood lately :slightly_smiling_face:

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I just put on A Stranger in Town to have on while I browse SWDb and other sites. I’ve seen it about 100 times. :cowboy_hat_face:

Watching The Hellbenders tonight. I don’t quite think I’ll upgrade from my anchor bay dvd to the new kino blu-ray. :thinking:

St. Patrick’s Day, and that means breaking the seal on the freshly delivered Eureka release of Fistful of Dynamite!


An Eye for an Eye

Hoping to watch this

The Yellow Mountain… the first couple of minutes are interesting enough… BluRay from Explosive Media

The wild and the dirty aka Johnny Hamlet. Wild east DVD double feature with Chaco.