What are your thought son file sharing and SW's?

I hope I’m not breaking a rule or something asking about this. What are your opinions on Bittorrent and other filesharing services for Spaghettis? I think it’s a pretty different situation than filesharing big mainstream releases. Many of these films we like are no longer available Others are only available in a certain language, a foreign country, or are generally very expensive. There was a big bunch of em on Bit Torrent last spring.

Right? Wrong? Gotten any that way? I have.

Depends on what you get. If you get a foreign release that you could just as well have bought I think it’s a bad thing to do. If on the other hand what you are getting this way is VHS-transfers of movies which aren’t readily available in a useful condition (understandable dub/sub) I don’t see the big problem.

I’ve gotten a copy of Get Mean off newsgroup some months ago but I think that’s the only one I got that way.

If you know places where ‘rare’ spaghettis are present please don’t hesitate to mention them to me (pm) :slight_smile:

I’ve personally never downloaded a film from any of those sites. This is not a question of morals on my part, it is due to complete computer incompetence. If downloading is the only way to get to see a film which is not on official release in your own language I don’t have a problem with it at all. You are not depriving anyone of revenue if it’s not for sale in the first place.

I’ve got about three hundred legal dvd’s and about 7 downloads. I try to not download at all, but sometimes when it’s really hard to find a film otherwise I don’t think it’s bad. What is a bad situation though is people automatically downloading films instead of buying/renting them.

I don’t think it’s a very bad thing to download SWs that lack official releases/releases in language that you can understand.

I never download any films at all, but if the film is in the public domain I don’t see a problem with other people doing so.
But we have to remember to support those firms who put out the SW we all love, else they will stop producing them.

My thoughts exactly. If someone rips some obscure vhs for sharing, how else are you going to watch that movie?

My dream is one big server where all the as yet unreleased spaghetti westerns are available for free download :slight_smile: Would make trading so much easier :wink: As soon as a real release came out the relevant movie should of course be removed from the site.

Ah it would be so sweet :stuck_out_tongue:

Seems like we’re all in some sort of agreement here. I’ve downloaded quite a few through torrent, but none that I could obtain legally in the US. Back a ways there was about 40 or so on a Bittorrent server (which since has been shut down). There’s a public domain torrent out there where you can get God’s Gun and China 9 Liberty 37.

Will have to find that. Haven’t got China 9 Liberty 37 in the collection yet and I believe it is in the public domain (in the States at least) so is nearly not illegal :slight_smile:

I don’t download movies. If it’s available somewhere in the world and it has an English language track or subtitles I’ll track it down. Otherwise I’ll wait for it to happen.

Talby, is that because you don’t like to bother or do you have a problem with the ethics of it? Curious.

I don’t agree with the idea of file sharing. That and I don’t have to bother with it. If it’s available somewhere I will purchase a copy.

I would download more but I don’t know any sites where I can download. I don’t have a problem with downloading public domain, japan SPO, european since I’m in NA. But I would have a problem with downloading wild east, blue underground etc…

Of course I like to support official releases, but living in Canada, on a limited budget, sometimes I have to be reasonable and make comprimises.

Mortimer… that’s pretty much how I see it.

What I don’t have an issue with is getting dvd-rs of $50 R2 dvds from Japan… That’s criminal to charge that kind of money.