What Are You Listening to at the Moment?


Addicted to this track:

(Søren) #4400

Just received the slightly expanded score of Lo strano vizio della signora Wardh from Quartet Records recent sale so put that on:

(kit saginaw) #4401

The Mothra Twins, of course…

(Mickey13) #4402

Biosphere ‎– Substrata (1997)

Thom Brennan ‎– Mist (2000)

Robert Rich & Steve Roach ‎– Strata (1990)

(Andy) #4403


(El Topo) #4404

Sven Grünberg - Hukkunud alpinisti hotel soundtrack

(Mickey13) #4405

Lustmord ‎– Heresy (1990)

Coil ‎– The New Backwards (2008)

William Basinski ‎– Nocturnes (2013)

(Mickey13) #4406

Aphex Twin ‎– Collapse EP (2018)

A heady mixture of jungle and footwork. Jlin’s influence is undeniable, but it’s Aphex, let’s face it. I’ve been listening to bootlegs of T69 collapse and MT1 t29r2 for months now, but now that the new release is here, it’s nice to be able to hear the masterpieces in high quality. It’s easily his best record in a decade or so. Late-period Aphex is best Aphex. I’m stoked. A phenomenal release. T69 collapse is his best track since XMAS_EVET10.


I can never keep a straight face when he starts gurgling into the mic at 2:01 :smile:

(Andy) #4408

I showed Keoma to a longtime friend of mine back in 2007 and the one thing he said about the film was that the music was terrible. lol The rest he liked, though. This is a guy who had maybe seen GBU but that’s it.

(Asa) #4409

Well, he was spot on. Fantastic film, f*ckawful music.


Out of Keoma and Mannaja I like the former better as a film and the latter better as a soundtrack.

(Asa) #4411

My preference between the two movies changes with the tide. I love them both but (checks “Favourite westerns” list on Letterboxd) I narrowly prefer Keoma for now. I agree too about Mannaja being the better soundtrack although, for me, that’s like choosing between having your ballbags slammed in a fridge door, or a car door. A close call, and both options are bastard painful.


What people fail to mention is that it’s just the singing they don’t like, not the music.

I think the woman sings screechingly high, and the guy sings obnoxiously low.

(Andy) #4413

Maybe they should release a remixed album with the vocals taken out? :stuck_out_tongue:


If they’d done that to begin with then this film would be free from all the ridicule :pensive:

Well, most of it.

(The Man With a Name) #4415

The music in Keoma grew on me over time. The terrible singing is part of the whole experience even if I was in shock the first time I watched it. Keoma is a film that just kept jumping up higher on my list until I decided it was my 6th or 7th favourite spaghetti. The music helps to create the atmosphere.

(Mickey13) #4416

My Bloody Valentine ‎– Isn’t Anything (1988)

Bowery Electric ‎– Bowery Electric (1995)

Ancient Methods ‎– Seventh Seal (2013)

Tod Dockstader ‎– Quatermass (1992)

(Mickey13) #4417

Orbital - Monsters Exist (2018)

(Andy) #4418


RIP Stelvio Cipriani