“Westworld” Remake

Actually my wife and I had this one up for discussion yesterday so we may bite on it :slight_smile: Thanks for the recommendation. There is a lot of crap being played on tv so one only starts a new series warily.

Got stuck after episode 3, I will resume shortly. So far not totally impressed… has a lot to do with the series being overloaded and a bit miscast… but maybe I will change my mind later on

I understand this. Indeed, the show was picking up criticism in the first half-dozen episodes for spreading itself too thinly. I found myself in no great rush to catch up on the latest episode at about that point. But it pulls everything around with real aplomb, turning into a whole far greater than the sum of its parts.

I only watched the season finale yesterday and I’m missing it already. I have no doubt I’ll be watching it all again from beginning to end in the next few weeks; it’ll probably play entirely differently forearmed with what I now know about the characters.

You are so correct and I plan to re-watch as well. There were many neuances to take in - in every episode and alot going on.

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