Westerns in the belgian cinema on big screen

(Jacobs André) #1

Hello, amigos, and especially my amigos from Belgium and that other dessert land : Holland.
In august 2018 there are two westerns on a big screen in the cinema-zuid in Antwerp. Below you can find the links for both evenings.
1/ On 16/08/2017 20.00u they play “Once upon a time in the west” in 4K restauration.
2/ On 26/08/2017 14.00u they play “Flaming Star” in a special Elvis day ( They play also “Jailhouse Rock” and " Viva Las Vegas"

Anyone who wants to go together with me , let me know, so we can meet each other in real life. And change ideas about everything related to spagettiwesterns and regular westerns.



(Jacobs André) #2

hello amigos
the date is of coures august 2017 :wink:

(Asa) #3

They’re playing the films on the wrong days. They should be having the Elvis day on the 16th, that being the fortieth anniversary of his death.

I wish there was a cool little cinema near me with Elvis days, spag western presentations and whatnot. All I’ve got is a poxy overpriced Cineworld. No special events, no midnite madness triple-bill all-nighters, no Shaw Brothers weekenders; just the dozen or so biggest releases at any given time and £7 hot dogs. :disappointed:

(Jacobs André) #4

Hi amigos, from Belgium and Holland or Germany.

They are playing two spaghetti’s in the belgium cinema. In Cinema Zuid in Antwerp.

" El Topo" on 29/06/2018 20.30 and “The Great Silence” on 23/05/2018 20.00u