Western movies

I will share my feelings about the movies and actors.
I watched a few hailed great westerns (films where they played: Clint Edstwood, Franco Nero, Terence Hill, Guliano Gemma, Marlon Brando)
In my opinion, neither these westerns nor the actors are as outstanding as their media create. They just play their roles. Neither the actors nor the films they play in convince me of their greatness.
The only actor who becomes the character in the movies with great empathy is Anthony Steffen (Antonio de Teffe). I am full of admiration for this actor, he plays (played) so truly, in every film he becomes the person he plays , always different, depending on the role played.
None of his film-western competitors can match him.
If Antonio de Teffe were American and not Italian (half Brazilian), he would be hailed by the media as a great movie star. But he wasn’t, so the media had to label him a wooden one, ignore him for the biggest awards. And people who either haven’t watched his movies or don’t have no opinion of their own, rthey repeat what they read or hear in the news. This is always the case, for example in football, the media create your favorites as great players, and often slander the really good ones, look for faults, and write lies.
This is how it is with propaganda. A lie told a thousand times becomes the truth.
For me, Antonio de Teffe will remain the best actor.
As a movie star, I highly appreciate Alain Delon.
In general, I like Italian, French, Russian and Scandinavian cinema.
I don’t like American cinema.
And only Italian or Italian-Spanish westerns.
Of course, that’s my opinion, but own, independent, based on the films I watched.
Without repeating the American propaganda.
I apologize in advance if someone was offended by this opinion, I had no such intention.

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