Welcome to the SWDb Community!

Thanks for the kind welcoming Sebastian! Love the Spaghetti western database (use it daily) and it’s great to have a place to chat with fellow fans of this mostly overlooked genre. :+1::+1:

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Thanks for the kind welcoming makesthemovie! I appreciate it :+1::+1:


many thanks for the invite!


Thanks for having me.


Howdy folks :cowboy_hat_face:


My name is Manuel, i’m 25 years old from Germany. I’m the one on facebook who thougt that one of these guys on the Lobbycards from “Die Helden faulen in der Sonne” (btw great title) is Jeff Cameron :sweat_smile:

I watch Spaghetti Westerns around the last 15 years, since i was a little boy. I’ve seen most of them all cause my dad got a big collection. Best start for me :laughing:
You also can find me in the German dirty-pictures Forum :grinning:
Greetings to all


it was a good guess, we had to follow all leads. Welcome on board!

A few more, welcome @brigar1951 @gordytheghoul @robertteeple @pivavinyl @trikrona

A hearty welcome to all who have recently joined ‘SWDB’.

You are all invited to what is, undoubtedly, the best, most informative, most welcome, and most engaging and intelligent web-site available…(not sure about intelligent…???) :grinning:

Seriously though…enjoy… :grinning:

There are some great guys and gals on here… :grinning:

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Hey Amigos! I recently joined this forum and was just now reminded to introduce myself. I’m located in germany and - of course - love and semi-collect SWesterns (only the ones I enjoy enough for a certain rewatch). My favorite: Face to Face.


WELCOME. :grinning:

Thx :slightly_smiling_face:

Welcome @ostermann43 @batcave1 @DaveH thanks for joining!

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A few more new folks joined today, I wanna give a warm welcome to @JAKEBOIS @Alleluja @bpjs @tbonnema @RsoBob @Brat @Wally518 @Mercenario1968 @Pushmataha @Tukkbox @Scottwach @Eldengard @GMAllan @IngoWe @Socky @Buggenhagen


Hello everyone! I’m a long time browser and just now created an account! I recently got into Spaghetti Westerns early last year and it has been an amazing journey so far! I am located in the United States, and my favorite Spaghetti Western is The Good, The Bad, and the Ugly. Basic I know, but man I love that movie! I recently purchased the Mill Creek 44 Spaghetti Western collection and have been slowly making my way through it. I look forward to interacting with you all!


Welcome on board, good sir, and what an entrance!


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Welcome on board amigo! :cowboy_hat_face::+1:

Welcome Amigo, there’s tons of fun to be had here, and a bunch of fine folks to interact with.

New to the Forum for the Second Time
I Joined Back around 2009/10 but forget what name I used back then so Rejoined today

Always been a fan of Spaghettti Westerns and have seen a lot
Recently got back into watching and Searching for Ones I haven’t seen before
Why I came back to the SWDb
I don’t Collect DVDs or Blu Rays I prefer Digital Copies (Easier Storage)
I do have some DVD Sets from before Digital became Popular


Well we can of course try find out, but at any rate it is great you are back!