Water (2012, Wouter Jansen)

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Nice comments? Where?

okay maybe better: thanks for all the attention for the film

Great there’s even a guy with a typical Portuguese name Da Costa

And didn’t you have a player called Dani ? Dani Da Costa, king of the pitch.

If you talking about Dani from Sporting that played a few years in Ajax, than he was more like King of the passerelle.
The guy is now a TV sports comentator, but he had a huge talent (a great left foot) if he had stayed a true profesional in his football career he could have been one of the best players of his time, not a Ronaldo (who is?) , but almost a Futre, but the guy was more night live and fashion, collecting girlfriends (fuck I would have done the same), I remember watching some wild scenes of the guy and other players of his generation in the night life in Lisbon. Actually I never knew him (only his grandfather), but he’s a far very far relative of mine, both parts of our families are from the same town in the North of Portugal.
I have these theory that if you came from a wealthy family like Dani did (upper midle class, both parents were highschool teatchers, in the days that the profession mean you were upper midle class), no matter how talent you have, you never get to be a good player, to be that, you must come from the slums or near that, reality proves this point

Reminds me of what Rinus Michels once said: Intellectuals can’t be professional football players. He added an odd line to this: I need ‘bread footballers’ in my team. A ‘bread footballer’ (it sounds okay in Dutch, not in English) is indeed someone who absolutely needed the sport to make a decent living (‘bread on the table’ means ‘a decent living’ in Dutch). If you look at the Dutch '74 team (assembled by Michels) you notice there was only one ‘intellectual’ in the line-up: Arie Haan. And Haan was a school teacher (he never worked as one, btw), not an academic. I remember Steve Heighway from Liverpool (a historian) and Keje Molenaar (a minor player from Holland who is a lawyer). I think Socrates was a doctor (well, with his name …). There will be a couple more, but intellectuals are rare among sportsmen. I have spoken to two of the players from this '74 team, Johan Neeskens and Ruud Krol, and I felt shocked after the conversation. I have never met Rensenbrink, but I know he can hardly read and write. He played more than half a decade for Anderlecht, and never learned more than a handful of French words.

In Portugal I only remember Artur Jorge, who was a Philosopher and poet (and a bad coach), and other players that started in Academica like him, the team from Coimbra, the city of students that lives <round and for the University, where students by tradition also played in Academica the towns team, the only football team that was possible to combine both a a professional career in football with an academic career.
There was a joke about an Academica player a hard defender that was also a doctor, and other teams players were always complaining to refs after a fault from him - Not fair ref, he knows where it hurts

I was amazed when in a match (Bayern Lverkusen) suddenly a player named “Danny da Costa” came in as a substitute. Arthur Jorge was the trainer of my favorite club Vitesse :slight_smile: for a short period, when he left we were second in the “eredivisie”…

I like some similarities in footbal and westerns,
I image Johan Cruijff saying: “when you gotta shoot, shoot don’t talk”

It is part of a script I’m working on for some time :slight_smile:

Artur Jorge was a good striker I’ve heard, played in Benfica and all, but a bad bad coach, he was successefull at Porto in a time even Mickey Mouse could be, such was was the control they had (still do) over the refs.

Danny da Costa is German but with origins from Cape Verde islands, that’s why the Portuguese name. Hell I’ve seen a game with Vitesse once we won, only to lose in the semis (UEFA Cup) with Inter Milano that year.

And yes Westerns and football mixed together but only Euro Westerns ;D This forum is the living proof of that

You mean the Braga-game with that terrible attack on Carlos Fortes? >:(

No no, a tie with Sporting back in the early 90’s I think. I remember cause I went to Alvalade to watch the game, we had a great team that year, the following year we send Ajax packing, our Brazilian players were very good (Luisinho, Silas, Douglas, the ones I remember)

[quote=“Bad Lieutenant, post:16, topic:2947”]Something ain´t right here, haha:

and now :slight_smile: ?

Yeah, my girlfriend noticed. Good job, amigo!

for people not understanding: Harm Siegel - IMDb


Here is a nice comment:
(Dan van Husen)
“I did like your YouTube link, well done, very talented,
great characters”

[url]- YouTube

[quote=“Hungry_bear, post:37, topic:2947”]Here is a nice comment:
(Dan van Husen)
“I did like your YouTube link, well done, very talented,
great characters”

[url]- YouTube

Next time with Dan

Would be cool

I think he’s the kind of man who would say yes.
With him, you’re in a different league at once. Not the top league of course, but you would have made a step. You’ve made one already by being in Almeria, talking to different people.