Watching ¨ Once Upon A Time In The West¨

Hello, i am new to the forum and i have a concern i hope all of you can resolve.
I have already seen The ¨Dollars¨ Trilogy (meaning A Fistful, For A Few… and TGTBATU)
I Have alson watched Sergio Corbucci´s ¨Django¨ (1966) and ¨One Silver Dollar¨ with Giuliano Gemma.
So, the thing is , i have the DVD of Once Upon A Time In The West, and i wonder, ¿Should i see more Spaghetti´s first? ¿Should i see Once Upon A Time In The West right away?

If I were you I’d watch Once Upon a Time in the West now. The sequence of the films you’ve watched is about what most of us saw before branching off into the Sartana, Sabata etc films. Catch the Sergio Sollima films and the Corbucci’s and you’ve seen most of the cream of the crop and then you can put the rest of the Spaghetti’s into perspective with some of the cream of the crop.

Watch it! Not that my opinion means shit but it’s my favourite :wink:

Watch it and let us know what you think.

Watch it! It’s a masterpiece.

I will try to watch it in the next few days and come back to you.
Keep the opinions coming

This one is my all-time favorite SW! I hope you enjoyed it if you watched it!

I don’t tell you something different than the other guys there.Yes watch it!

Actually we talk maybe for the best and most well directed spag of Leone.

And for many people is the best role Bronson has ever played.