Wanted (Giorgio Ferroni, Giorgio Stegani, 1967), Second Thread


This early SW, which in fact wasn’t made too early, is the third of the 3 naive westerns veteran director Giorgioo Ferroni made with Giuliano Gemma in the lead:

By rewatching it I was a bit disappointed as it wasn’t as entertaining as I had remembered it. Apart from being simple, the story is often also a bit too much routine, with a lot of too predictable turns not to become a bit boring here and then.

All in all the whole style is too antiquated for my taste.

But it is a rather good looking film with better (and more typical SW) costumes than in the other early Gemma westerns (shows how the genre has developed since 1965), and an often atmospheric photography. Even if it is obvious that the sunny Almeria scenes don’t match very good with the winterly Italian location shooting.

Boring and much too american, not recommended at all.

Btw, there was already a thread for this movie


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I liked this more than One Silver Dollar but much less than Fort Yuma Gold.

The film has some strange ‘outdoor’ scenes that were obviously shot in a studio. They do not look convincing at all but they have a strange atmosphere.

SWDB lists running time of german release 99 mins while quote from dvdcompare says “
This is the longer Italian version of the film. A small handful of scenes never dubbed into English for the English language export version are here presented in Italian with no subtitles.

Anyone has german release and can tell which information is correct?

I am not going for wild east dics because have “those dirty dogs” as japanese release and user in amazon says> ““Wanted” looks to be taken from a PAL source which usually results in some ghosting when transferred to NTSC but ghosting I can easily live with. Wild East discs in the past have had ghosting and that doesn’t bother me one bit. The problem with “Wanted” is that the picture has a jittery effect whenever there was action on the screen or when the camera moved. Another way to describe it is “hiccups”, small little skips when things moved on screen. It was so annoying that I couldn’t even finish the film, which is a dang shame as the film seemed to be a solid Giulliano Gemma effort.”

According to OFDB the German New DVD runs 100:10 min (in Pal), 22 sec longer than an earlier DVD, for which 2 scenes with violence were trimmed.

The New DVD is supposed to be uncut.


I really liked this one. I wished Serge Marquand did more westerns, he looks suitably nasty in this and in CMC.

I’ve only seen it once, many moons ago. I think it’s due for a re-watch.