Wanted: Cyclone Fury

Hello !

Does anybody of you have an OTA channel called GetTV and a way to record them ? I would like to get a recording of a film called Cyclone Fury, some Durango Kid stuff.

I have a Western starring George Montgomery called The Texas Rangers as an ISO DVD-R, good quality TVRip. If anybody of you can record it for me it would be wonderful. Then i send you the ISO. This film seems to be found nowhere.

I accept TS MPEG-2 files with commercials intact, and WTV files.


This or something else?

THIS ONE ! :smiley: Exactly. I’m hoping someone can record this off GetTV for me, someone used to do it for me however he leaved as of recently for absolutely no reasons at all. He used Windows Media Center to capture TV and sended me the raw WTV files.

Here’s all of the Westerns recordings i have as of recently from GetTV :

3 Movie Block (Domino Kid, Blazing The Western Trail and Lawless Empire)_getTV_2018_04_08_01_00_00
California Frontier_getTV_2018_06_10_01_55_00
Comanche Station_getTV_2018_05_05_22_10_00
Crazy Horse_getTV_2018_05_05_19_55_00
Gore Vidal’s Billy The Kid_getTV_2018_06_02_23_05_00
Riders Of The Purple Sage_getTV_2018_06_10_03_20_00
Riding Wild_getTV_2018_05_19_04_37_00
Square Shooter_getTV_2018_05_13_03_13_00
The Parson and the Outlaw_getTV_2018_04_07_05_38_00
The Tall T_getTV_2018_05_05_23_55_00
The Texas Rangers_getTV_2018_04_15_01_28_00

I also have the Roger Corman film called Gunslinger recorded from Charge! channel (Gunslinger_CHARGE_2018_06_01_01_27_00), a 1979 made-for-TV movie The Legend Of The Golden Gun recorded from Grit (Legend of the Golden Gun_WFTS3_2018_04_21_20_58_00) and some rodeo-themed film, The Honkers (The Honkers_WMORD2_2018_05_16_13_57_00), recorded from ThisTV

The other recordings i have are not Westerns but rather either random old made-for-TV movies or obscure Sci-Fi/Sword & Sorcery/Peplum stuff recorded on OTA channels, here’s the other stuff i have :

10,000 Black Men Named George_DECAD_2018_05_19_06_57_00
Casualties of Love- The -Long Island Lolita- Story_DECAD_2018_05_30_01_57_00
Deep Space_COMET_2018_06_03_01_55_00
Evidence Of Blood_WMORD2_2018_06_05_17_55_00 (ThisTV)
Hercules Against the Barbarians_CHARGE_2018_05_25_15_57_00
Heroes at Home_DECAD_2018_04_04_01_58_00
I.F.O.- Identified Flying Object_COMET_2018_06_02_13_57_00
Miracle Landing_DECAD_2018_04_05_01_58_00
Outlaw Of Gor_COMET_2018_06_08_15_55_00 (Cabot? Cabot! Cabot? Cabot. Cabot! Cabot. CABOT!)
Saving Milly_DECAD_2018_04_07_01_58_00
SOS Titanic_DECAD_2018_04_14_06_58_00
The Day Reagan Was Shot_DECAD_2018_03_31_01_58_00
The Pentagon Papers_DECAD_2018_06_16_06_57_00
The Seven Magnificent Gladiators_COMET_2018_06_06_15_57_00
The Tiger Woods Story_DECAD_2018_04_11_01_55_00
Through the Decades_DECAD_2018_05_19_09_00_00 (this was a special episode about Mafia & The Mob, some subject that interests me for some reasons, i’ve seen Goodfellas in the past).
Wife, Mother, Murderer- The Marie Hilley Story_DECAD_2018_05_03_01_58_00

So there you go guys, all of the wonderful TV recordings i have. Most of them are not on DVD, or are on DVD, but only outside America.