Maybe Paco that Genio is a bit funny (or not)
:smiley: ;D
Seriously though there are so many great deserving talented names to remember :slight_smile:

(IMMORTAL 1960s) #12



But in which order ?? VOTE Now to find out and change the scores.

(Chris_Casey) #13

[quote=“SARTANA DJANGO BALLADS, post:9, topic:917”]Dario Argento ; CO Director on FIVE MAN ARMY 70 & TODAY ITS ME TOM. YOU 68 :smiley:
It is not 100% confirmed but he is in as he is MASTER of GIALLOS [/quote]

About Argento…
Some friends of mine and I talked with Peter Graves a little over a year ago and he said that Dario Argento had nothing to do with the making of FIVE MAN ARMY. He said that the whole movie was directed by the American, Don Taylor, regardless of what rumors have been perpetuated throughout the years.

Also, Brett Halsey (Montgomery Ford) told us the same thing in regards to TODAY IT’S ME…TOMORROW IT’S YOU. He said that Argento might have had a small role in the writing of the screenplay; but, that was all.

And Sergio Donati says that Argento didn’t really work on any of the drafts of ONCE UPON A TIME IN THE WEST. Donati says that Argento was merely at one of the story conferences for Leone’s film and contributed a small amount to the film in that way.

But, I cannot argue at all that Argento made some classic Giallos!!


Nice poll!!
I voted for (in random order): Leone, Corbucci, Sollima, Petroni, Castellari (Girolami), Guerrieri (truly an underrated director, in my opinion!), both Marchents, Baldi, Baldanello, Tessari (for his Ringo films, if nothing else!), Giraldi, Valerii, Parolini (on the strength of the very first, and in my opinion the best, Sartana film!), and Cardone.


No need to update the poll, amigos; but, I just happened to think of another director I like very much that is often overlooked and underrated.
That is Aldo Flori, the man that gave us ANDA MUCHACHO SPARA! (w/Fabio Testi) and FIVE GIANTS FROM TEXAS (w/Guy Madison)…two of my favorites! I just wanted to mention him.

(IMMORTAL 1960s) #14

Your research and facts about DARIO ARGENTO and SWs are much appreciated Chris.
It is a grey area but as you have relayed some first hand knowledge and talked with
actual top actors involved like Graves/Halsey, then I think we must go with your post.

Good voting again and a wide range of directors was chosen indeed.
Aldo Flori I agree is a very good SW director and should be included in future polls.
Five Giants From Texas with Guy Madison is also a top class SW in all departments. :slight_smile:

PS. Alas this Poll I fear cannot be added to :’(

(lonelyhunter) #15

you have missed out sam peckinpah…

altho strictly speaking he does not qualify, “the wild bunch”, in the spiritual sense of the word was the most spectacular spaghetti western of all time… i think it had all the essential ingredients plus some extra ones… on the one hand it could be seen as misogynist because all the women are bitches and whores, but in reality it is ultimately a feminist statement because everyone only finds themselves acting in such a negative way because men are in charge.

“Cross of iron” of course is not even a western in any obvious sense of the word…but again i think it holds the usual essential ingredients. I could go into some of its more subtle irony, but might get myself into trouble… :-\

(IMMORTAL 1960s) #16

I am happy to miss Peckinpah as he has NIL to do with SWs. He is on the USA /DE poll.

I am awaiting instead some good suggestions for additional great GERMAN Directors.

(korano) #17

My favorite directors are…

Giulio Petroni
Ferdinando Baldi
Sergio Corbucci
Robert Hossein
Tonino Valerii
Bruno Corbucci

(Frank Talby) #18

mine are

the three Sergio’s (Leone, Corbucci, Sollima), Tonino Valerii, Giulo Petroni

(chuck connors brother) #19
  1. Sergio Leone
  2. Segio Corbucci
  3. Giuseppe Vari
  4. Antonio Margheriti
  5. Giuliano Carnimeo
  6. Enzo G. Castellari
  7. Lucio Fulci
  8. Damiano Damiani
  9. Duccio Tessari
  10. Sergio Sollima

(korano) #20

You put Castaellari down twice.

(chuck connors brother) #21

Hey thanks, can’t believe I didn’t notice.

(Stanton) #22

Maybe there are really two Enzos, as his films are so different

(scherpschutter) #23

Funny, I have been saying that to myself too

(Phil H) #24

And maybe two Corbuccis as well. It often seems that way.

(Stanton) #25

But Corbucci developed his style in his early spags up to 1968, and then somehow managed it to get rid of this style over the next 5 or 7 years.

Way up, way down, with a few sideways in between.

His first and his last SW are still a negative surprise.

(Dillinger) #26

Corbucci did some really great movies. I don’t know, why he ended up making comedies.
Maybe he just wanted to do entertainment cinema in gernres tht sold well.
When SW comedies came up, he did them and when they dodn’t sell any more, he did other stuff.
In this famous interview made while shooting GS he stated that he hated westerns. Don’t know wether this was true or not, but it would explain a lot.

(chuck connors brother) #27

I didn’t mind White, Yellow & Black, more enjoyable than the 3 Enzo G. Castellari comedies for me.

(Silvanito) #28

Dillinger, you mean the interview from that short film “Westerns Italian style” or what it was called

Weird film I think, seemed to be very tounge-in-cheek to me :smiley:

(korano) #29

[quote=“Phil H, post:24, topic:917”]And maybe two Corbuccis as well. It often seems that way.[/quote]But there are two Corbucci’s. Bruno and Sergio.

(Stanton) #30

Ha ha, indeed.

Some important SW rules:

Sergio Corbucci = Sergio Corbucci
Corbucci = Sergio Corbucci
Bruno Corbucci = Bruno Corbucci
The younger Corbucci = Bruno Corbucci
The 3 Sergios = Leone, Corbucci, Sollima (never Garrone)
The 2 Sergios = Leone, Corbucci
The 1 SW Sergio = Sergio Merolle
Sergio who? = Sergio Garrone
The King of SWs = Sergio Leone
The Crownprince of SWS = Sergio Corbucci
The Ed Wood of SWs = Demofilo Fidani
The Lion King = Sergio Leone
The Father of SWs = Segio Leone
The Uncle of SWs = Segio Corbucci
The 2 Enzos = Enzo G. Castellari & Enzo G. Castellari