Yes, I realise a post has already been placed about villains. So you could say, I have created a poll as a companion piece to DJANG SARTANA BALLADS post about them.

Kinski as Loco got my vote.

One of Kinski’s greatest villains.

You look like the type to go with Kinski. I agree. He is great in this one.

Yeah, Kinski is my favourite international star, i mostly go with Kinski or Palance but if there is someone i feel is better in a movie i will choose them. (Most often not though).


Palance is great in spaghettis. I love him in Companeros.

He was superb in Il Mercenario too.

I havnt seen that one in a while. Maybe I’ll check it out. It’s coming on TV soon here.

I picked Jack Palance in Companeros, he’s overall my favourite spaghetti villain… but I think the scariest looking villains are Gordon Mitchell and John Steiner… and the most sadistic for me are Tomas Milian (Chaco) and Aldo Sambrell (Duncan in Navajo Joe).

Gordon Mitchell is one scary looking bastard.

Angel Eyes.

Loco is very good (or very bad, heheh), but I decided to go for El Indio, what a great psychopath.

I’m not sure how to vote this time, because it’s really tempting to vote for some more obscure villain such as Scaif from Taste of death played by Bruno Corazzari [he turns the town into some kind of concentraion camp and inhabitiants into slaves] or Joshua Tracy from Last of the badmen played by the great Frank Wolff [a real psycho, he even tries to ‘crucify’ a man on the door using screws and he has got epileptic fits]. Speaking of more obscure choices, it’s too hard to choose :wink:

Donal O’Brien as Caldwell in Keoma has to be one of the nastiest. Slowly poisoning the entire population of a town and sending them to a death camp to die when they catch the plague puts him up there with the worst of them.

I voted for the Cut Throats nine but second would be Domingo from Blindman. Very hateable and cruel. But partof the Baldi/Anthony genius is that the villains get very nasty deaths only after they have been developed to a point to where you have no sympathy for them even after they have been blinded, had their balls crushed, and shot through the leg before being finished off by two shots to them back. And then blown up by Anthony’s love of pyrotechnics.

There have been some great SW performances of villains. However, I’m prone to voting to the best-looking one IMO - Angel Eyes.

Not sure if I would list Borgnine’s Sandoval on there.
That whole film (BFS) is littered with Villainous characters.
Even the main character (Hilton) becomes a nasty customer himself.

DEATH SENTENCE has a nice assortment of villains as well but the two that stand out the most are Milian’s albino character and Adolfo Celi’s “man of the cloth”

Well even if sandoval is full of anti heroes or heroic villains, sandoval is surly a batard. He doesn’t let Hiton se his dead girlfriend and gives him the baby to take care of. Refering to the baby as it. Then sendign him off to starve or die. But Hilton is not much better.

1.stegel from sabata
2.duncan from navajo joe
3. major jackson from django

  1. Sentenza / Angel Eyes
  2. General Sartana (Mille dollari sul nero)
  3. El Indio
  4. Major Jackson
  5. Tigrero / Loco

yes also el indio, a psychopath and madman together!!!