Valdez Is Coming (Edwin Sherin, 1971)

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It is not clear why present-day version is significantly shortened, but missing minutes should be 7 and not 20 as reported here:[/url]

June 1971, Italian censorship: verified film length 2661 metres


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…One of my favourite Westerns. It has an engrossing story - based on racism - a perfectly stoic, and passive (until it really counts) performance from the excellent Burt Lancaster - who then erupts like a truck-load of fire-crackers!

Simply add several breath-taking Almerian land-scapes; a generous dose of gun-blazing violence, a pinch of snotty-nosed, sneering ‘gringos’, and a delicious script - who could ask for a more delicious recipe of Western mayhem?

I love it!

And…as for Elmore Leonard…he was a master-craftsman with the written word!

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