Twilight Spaghettis/ Tech

(korano) #1

After viewing films such as Mannaja, Keoma, and California, one thing a spaghetti fan might notice is the modern tech they all use in their films. Slow mo, unique flashbacks, and squibs are trademarks of twilight spaghettis. What are your guys opinions and or comments about late spaghettis?

(Col. Douglas Mortimer) #2

They seemed more gothic and dreary, probably as a counter to the previous trend of comedy SW’s. Overall I like them, but I prefer the “Golden age”.

(korano) #3

I love that feel.


just read your article on twilight spaghettis korano nice job.Now i gotta watch california.

(Dillinger) #5

I especially like the twilight and the light, this grey light in California. This special look really matches the the plot and the interior of the characters.