Trying to identify film from sketchy childhood memory!

If anyone can help me to find the film I remember seeing as a five year old one afternoon, I’d be very grateful… the memory of particular scenes is quite vivid, and I’ve tried locating the film to no avail!
I think the film must’ve been in colour, it was American, and from what I remember was probably made sometime in the 1950s/60s. The scenes I remember are of a young man - quite distressed - on top of a skyscraper/tall building - he looks down at his hands, and they’re covered in blood, like he’s been in some sort of accident or fight (?) I’m sure the scene shows him attempting to jump off the building… whether he does or not I’m not sure… but the next sketchy memory I have is of the same man laying on a couch/bed in bandages, with a man and a woman standing over him, concerned at the young man’s plight.

Whether I imagined these images or not is debatable…as I said, I must’ve been about five or six years old at the time - I know memory cheats and maybe I’m confusing the memory with other TV stuff I’ve watched as a child (of which there is a LOT!)

Anyway… I’d be very grateful if anyone can help at all!

Cheers guys!

If there are skyscrapers involved, its probably not a western.

But I think the film you are looking for is Roman Polanski’s “The Tenant” (1976). Its a psychological horror film. It has the scenes that you describe, although I forgot whether or not he had bloody hands before he jumped. He also gives out a scream when the man and woman are looking at him covered in bandages.

Is there any simple list comprising all euro-western titles? So we could tag those title, e.g.: ‘Have’;‘Looking for’…

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