Trip to SW locations

Anyone going to Spain this summer to see the spaghetti locations?

I did a trip to Almería 2006 and to Burgos area last summer. Now I was thinking to go to see the Colmenar Viejo - Hoyo de Manzaras area. The time of the trip is not decided yet, but it may be the last days of June, beginning of July.

If anyone has some good tips for the search I’ll be happy to hear them. And if someone is going there (or other locations) this summer, speak out :).

By the way, for those who are eager to see the Sad Hill Cemetary, I would recommend to go for it. Burgos is a great city to spend the nights if you dont want to book a hostal or a small hotel on the country side. Anyway if you are not afraid to practice your spanish and want to spend the nights close to SW landscapes, Santo Domingo de Silos makes a good place to stay. I had some great time there last summer. Couple of nice small restaurants, monastery and local musem to see. There’s also friendly people who showed me the way to the dirt road to Sad Hill Cemetary when my map had an error.

I was thinking of going to Almeria again this summer, depends who else is up for it.

I started a thread somewhere but can’t find it.

I remember a topic about the Almería locations, but also couldnt find it.,759.0.html

[quote=“Silence, post:5, topic:2337”],759.0.html[/quote]Nice link but that’s not the one Carl.

I did one a few months ago about possibly going back there this summer :wink:

I think this is the one you want:,2476.msg86426.html#msg86426

Well, I will be in the northwest of Spain before going to the location trip. It is a long ride from there to Almería, but its not impossible. Keep us posted and I will see if I go there also.

It’s a 8 hours car ride to me, been while since the last time I’ve been in Granada and Almeria, last time still single and no known descendants :smiley:
My wife does not like to travel that much :stuck_out_tongue: :’( :(, and with this crisis I think I’ve got to work the all bloody year, if I want to buy some DVD


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[quote=“John Welles, post:7, topic:2337”]I think this is the one you want:,2476.msg86426.html#msg86426[/quote]Cheers, that’s the one :wink:

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[quote=“El Topo, post:12, topic:2337”]Hello if you need an account i offer my services very good prices (Invoices, VAT, Tax deductions Insurances)

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[size=12pt]Crisis, what a crisis …[/size]

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So, I will be in Spain from 22th of June to 8th of July. The car ride from where I am to Almeria is almost 12 hours. It is a quite long ride, but if anyone is there or at Burgos/Colmenar viejo areas, maybe I can join.