What do you think about these ‘Trash’-Westerns ???

-you could give a brief summary of the plot
-write your opinion about it
-grade the movie

I would especially be interested to read about options 1, 2, and 7 because I haven’t watched 'em yet !!!

what do you classify as a “trash” western?

A ‘Trash’-Western is one at the very bottom of the genre ! Really terribly made and performed with extremely low budget etc. !!! That doesn’t mean that I despise them !!! I’m curious about 'em !!!

If you really want to really get to the bottom of the spaghetti westerns - meaning the worst films - you should see some of the kung fu spaghetti westerns made in the 70s. They suck bigtime!!

I know there’re some really sorry kung-fu SW !!! I just wanna talk and hear about the poll-movies !!! Have you watched one/some of them ??? If yes, write down your opinion !!!

I’ve seen only two of these: Shadow of Sartana… was quite bad but not Fidani’s worst.

Wanted Johnny Texas wasn’t that bad film in my opinion. There was some great scenes and there’s Fernando Sancho in it.

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I’ve seen only two of these: Shadow of Sartana… was quite bad but not Fidani’s worst.

Which one do you consider is Fidani’s worst western ???

I’d say Django and Sartana… Showdown in the West. Very boring film. Basically it’s just about guys riding around in the countryside.

Yeah right !!! That’s the case in almost every Fidani-western !!! He obviously loved to film his actors (usually Jeff Cameron) riding around, looking ‘cool’ !!!

Fidani’s worst is probably ‘Django story’ (Giu le mani carogna ! … Django story) !!!

That flic is cut together from 2 or 3 other Fidanis and the music is stolen again.
(Maybe that’s a good explanation why I call these movies ‘trashy’)

Big plus for ‘Sartana’s shadow …’ : Fidani’s taking part himself, only a few minutes though !!!
(It’s Fidani’s second worst I think)

Watched ‘Mallory’ last night and I must say that movie is one of the crappiest SW I’ve ever seen !!!

I’ve already written about it for another subject but I have to mention again that the German synchronisation is sooo terrible that one can only stand it by taking it with quite a bit of humor !!!

I thought the synchro. of ‘Wanted Johnny Texas’ was the worst there is but that flic’s is worse, a lot worse even !!!

So the movie has the worst synchro. but is not the worst movie. At least a few nice shootings are presented and the flic is not cut together out of 2 or 3 other movies as is the case in ‘Django Story’ !!!

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Have just seen ‘Shotgun’. I must say this one is really cheesy but not as bad as ‘Mallory …’ or ‘Sei bounty killers per una strage’ which I forgot to mention in this context !!! I like the score of ‘Shotgun’ though !!!

Does anyone of you know ‘Seven devils on horseback’ ? It’s the last of the poll ones I don’t know !!!

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all those pictures bluntwolf, instead of attaching them, you could upload them to the database pages and include them using the IMG tags here

Bluntwolf, it would be really interesting if you included also in what format you’ve seen the films, old vhs rentaltape from germany, foreign rentaltape, cheap dvd, dvd-r, etc!

The very worst spaghetti iv’e seen is “ONE DAMNED DAY AT DAWN, DJANGO Vs. SARTANA” with Fabio Testi. What a load of shit!

‘Shotgun’ = old vhs rentaltape (Germany)
‘Mallory …’ = tv-version
’Sartana’s shadow …’ = tv-version
’Wanted ! Johnny Texas’ = old vhs rentaltape (Germany)
‘Django story’ = old vhs rentaltape (Germany)
‘Crow’ = old vhs rental tape (Germany)

I don’t think they’ll come out on dvd, I’d be surprised !!!

‘Seven devils on horseback’ is still missing !!!

Concerning the pictures : Sorry, I just don’t know how to do it. Didn’t have time to get it done !!! I’ll try for the future !!!

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theres much worse movies out there than these for example wanted johnny texas is excellent entertainment

I’m interested !!! Name them !!!

Anybody know the title of “Wanted: Johnny Texas” in portuguese?
I search about but can’t find anything.

‘La tigre venuta dal fiume Kwai’ (Der Regulator) is probably the worst SW. I’ve recently seen it and it was sooo cheesy and crappy that I couldn’t believe it.

Anyway, I’m a ‘Trash-Western’ fan !!!

I can not say it anuff times, but if you like trash westerns - watch " ein lange ritt nach eden"!
holy shit this movies blows and sucks at the same time! the story stinks the location (there is only one) sucks and the haircuts of the cast of 6 will blow your mind and all these master elements are been put together in a german low budget western soft erotic crossover from the mid 70´s!
how trashy do you want to get! :smiley: