Trading HTF spaghetti westerns

Hi, im interested in trading hard to find westerns. Why isn’t there a thread on this already?

Anyway, some of the ones im looking for are:

El Puro
The Specialist
Black Jack

[quote=“the_ugly, post:1, topic:3413”]Anyway, some of the ones im looking for are:

El Puro[/quote]

The magnificent Phil H of these very boards was good enough to send me a copy of El Puro. It’s not a boxed, retail DVD, just a copy burned to a blank disc. But he did that because I was contemplating purchasing a boxed retail DVD from an outfit which, in my naivety, I didn’t know was less than reputable. In all likelihood I would’ve received a copy burned to a blank disc with a pirated printed up box cover. For a ripoff fee. So, he kindly sent me a copy for the princely sum of… nix. Nada. Bugger All. Nowt.

I’m never going to be able to pay back the favour to Phil H as I find it highly unlikely that I’m going to end up in possession of a western that he needs (I wanted to send him my Julian Dicks: Terminator DVD but I don’t think he’d love it in the way I love El Puro), but I’d love the opportunity to pay the favour forward. If you’re in the UK, you’re happy with El Puro burnt to a humble blank disc and if you private message me with your address, I’ll happily send you a copy for the exact same price Phil H charged me.

pm’d :smiley: