Topic for lists

Here you can post any crazy list that comes to your mind, that doesn’t have its own topic and you don’t feel like opening one.

So, for start, here’s my TOP 10 VENGEFUL FLICKS: [url][/url]

A couple I did a while ago to start off with, but I’ll add some new ones at some stage:

Ooh, Matron! The Carry On films, Ranked

Describe Your Love Life with a Movie Title

The ABCs of Movies

I’ve got some others I did a while ago but they need some re-tooling.

I like your ABC list caress, I think lots of titles would make mine too. Just 1 question: you don’t like Blade runner? :slight_smile:

The ABC list idea is a good one. Might have to try that one myself.
As for your rating of the Carry On films, well I could see us having a long argument about that in a pub in Essex somewhere. Carry On Camping better than Carry On Cleo?!? :o :o Carry On Abroad at number 3?!? :o :o :o Madness!

Something that is suitable for the weather outside my windows: SNOW MOVIES! (non-Christmas)

Fargo, Shinning, The Thing, Grande Silenzio, Jeremiah Johnson, Snowpiercer, Cliffhanger, 30 Days of Night, Alive, McCabe & Mrs. Miller, The Dark Valley, Misery, Groundhog Day…

Don’t forget The Thing; it has a Morricone soundtrack.

[quote=“Phil H, post:4, topic:3475”]The ABC list idea is a good one. Might have to try that one myself.
As for your rating of the Carry On films, well I could see us having a long argument about that in a pub in Essex somewhere. Carry On Camping better than Carry On Cleo?!? :o :o Carry On Abroad at number 3?!? :o :o :o Madness![/quote]

Well, let’s see the fibre of your fabric Philip old son! :slight_smile: I see by another thread that you’re in an “Oooh, matron!” frame of mind, let’s see your order of preference!

(tbh Camping over Cleo is by the breadth of a Rizla. Could go the other way on a given day. The next three are all bloody close to one another as well)

The full list will have to come after the marathon re-watching as some of these I haven’t seen for many years but I am willing to bet that Cleo will beat Camping by a lot more than the width of a Rizla. My rule of thumb with Carry Ons has always been the older the better. It always seemed to me that the longer the series went on and the more it became synonymous with scantily clad women and learing older men the less funny they became. Not that I don’t like a bit of Ooh Matron occasionally. After all, I’m British damn it! I just think the older black and white ones in their slightly gentler form were better. But we shall see how those memories stack up to a new viewing. So far though, it’s pretty clear that Carry On Sergeant will fair better in my list than in yours.

I am the opposite to you Phil. Do prefer the later, especially the 70’s ones. Those 70’s clothing fashion classics :smiley: for instance.

Top 20 Favourite Albums of All Time

As I went through my collection selecting potentials for my big 20, I ended up with a “shortlist” of over eighty albums. I found myself genuinely staggered as the 20 took shape that there was in the end no place for, say, Black Sabbath by Black Sabbath, Songs the Lord Taught Us by The Cramps or Danzig II: Lucifuge by Danzig; albums I would’ve sworn to fupping Jeebus were in my top twenty… nay, top ten, even. But there we have it. As you’ll see below, almost all of my very favourites come from the same period of time: The eighties, when not just music, but the discovery of music, meant more to me than it ever has at any other time (well, I’d like to have thought I was into a lot of stuff in the nineties too but I guess the big albums for me from that time didn’t manage to shift the monoliths of the decade previous).

Anyway, it’s taken me a few days to really chew over and think about but, for what it’s worth, here are my Twenty Favourite Albums of All Time:


Adam & the Ants - Dirk Wears White Sox (1979)


Ludichrist - Immaculate Deception (1986)


Public Enemy - It Takes a Nation of Millions to Hold Us Back (1988)


Slayer - Reign in Blood (1986)


Death - Scream Bloody Gore (1987)


Gang Green - Another Wasted Night (1986)


Jane’s Addiction - Nothing’s Shocking (1988)


Eagles of Death Metal - Death by Sexy (2006)


Spermbirds - Something to Prove (1986)


Cro-Mags - The Age of Quarrel (1986)


Moby - Animal Rights (1996)


Pop Will Eat Itself - This is the Day… This is the Hour… This is This! (1989)


Samhain - Initium (1984)


The Ramones - Ramones (1976)


The Misfits - Walk Among Us (1982)


The Crucifucks - Wisconsin (1987)


Dirty Rotten Imbeciles - Dealing With It! (1985)


Beastie Boys - Paul’s Boutique (1989)


The Misfits - Static Age (1978)


Celtic Frost - [b]Into the Pandemonium /b

Okay, you’ve got a jukebox. It’s just for you so you can put what you like in there BUT it only takes ten tracks, no more than that.

Here’s mine:

TRACK 0 1 : The Trashmen - Surfin’ Bird[/url]
TRACK 0 2 : The Stooges - Now I Wanna Be Your Dog
TRACK 0 3 : Jefferson Airplane - White Rabbit
TRACK 0 4 : The Velvet Underground - Venus in Furs
TRACK 0 5 : The Cramps - Fever
TRACK 0 6 : Link Wray - Rumble
TRACK 0 7 : The Reverend Horton Heat - Bad Reputation
TRACK 0 8 : Southern Culture on the Skids - Camel Walk
TRACK 0 9 : Creedence Clearwater Revival - Down on the Corner
TRACK 1 0 : [url=]The Doors - Peace Frog[url]- YouTube

Okay, I’ve shown you mine, you show me yours! :slight_smile:

Happy New Year everyone. I got a feeling there was a topic for this somewhere, but this is a good place (and time) to post something like this:

The best (30) movies you’ve seen this year for the first time

30-11 (don’t have patience to order them, they are all very close):

  • La fièvre monte à El Pao (1959, Buñuel)
  • You Only Live Once (1937, Lang)
  • Hour of the Gun (1967, Sturges)
  • Captain Phillips (2013, Greengrass)
  • Pour elle (2008, Cavayé)
  • Mean Streets (1973, Scorsese)
  • Il camorrista (1986, Tornatore)
  • Il gattopardo (1963, Visconti)
  • Berberian Sound Studio (2012, Strickland)
  • Foxcatcher (2014, Miller)
  • Fort Apache (1948, Ford)
  • Goodnight Mommy (2014, Fiala, Franz)
  • Backyard (2009, Carrera)
  • Night and the City (1950, Dassin)
  • The Martian (2015, Scott)
  • Reality (2012, Garrone)
  • Seven Men from Now (1956, Boetticher)
  • Bridge of Spies (2015, Spielberg)
  • Bone Tomahawk (2015, Zahler)
  • Seventy-Two Days (2010, Šerbedžija)

TOP 10:

10 The Perfume of the Lady in Black (1974, Barilli)

9 Sicario (2015, Villeneuve)

8 Walker (1987, Cox)

7 Mad Max: Fury Road (2015, Miller)

6 Gravity (2013, Cuarón)

5 The Battle of Algiers (1966, Pontecorvo)

4 The Fighter (2010, Russel)

3 Diaz: Don’t Clean Up This Blood (2012, Vicari)

2 Electra Glide in Blue (1973, Guercio)

1 Birdman (2014, Iñárritu)

According to my accounts, this year I have seen 174 movies, which is around one movie every other day.

Top 5 movies from this year (that I have seen so far) would be:
5 Bridge of Spies
4 The Martian
3 Bone Tomahawk
2 Sicario
1 Mad Max: Fury Road