Top 20 favourite spaghetti trailers

Anyone interested in compiling their top 20 favourite spaghetti western trailers?

Not really interested of making top list but I have to mention one of my favorites: Cut Throats Nine. Great trailer where they have compiled all the gore and killing scenes of the whole movie. And the line “You will be given terror mask for free at the entrance, we advice you to use it if the violence is more than you can handle!” is just so hilarious. I wonder if they really gave those masks at the screenings.

“This film acclaimed by critics as the most violent mtion picture ever potrayed on the screen” :wink:

my best top 20 trailers for spaghetti westerns

  1. duel in the eclipse
  2. one after another
  3. death rides a horse
  4. grand duel
  5. a stranger in town
  6. the mercenary
  7. companeros
  8. call him cemetery
  9. masacre time
  10. sabata
  11. indio black
  12. any gun can play
  13. sartana does not forgive
  14. johny hamlet
  15. viva django
  16. Wdjango!
  17. sugar colt
  18. django
  19. no room to die
  20. great silence

Never pay much attension to trailers.