TOMBSTONE (1993 George Pan Cosmatos)

(Yodlaf Peterson) #1

I saw this the other night for the first time and was thoroughly impressed.

Kurt Russell was excellent as Wyatt Earp and has played him like no other (Putting a gun in an unarmed man’s mouth and pulling the trigger…GREAT!) and Val Kilmer whom i normally find as a run of the mill actor was superb as “Doc” Holliday.

Well worth a watch

“I’m your Huckleberry” :wink:

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(me) #2

Only part I remember is when Val Kilmer is drunk and says,“I’ll shoot the two of you.” Very good film with a all star cast.

(Sebastian) #3

haha yeah that was awesome.
I’ll try to got to Tombstone before christmas. I’ll post pictures


One of my favorites

(cigar joe) #5

My only complaint was their hats looked a little too right out of the hat box no creases in the crowns made the Earps look like preachers, lol. Anybody who wears a wide brim hat or cowboy hat knows you take them off by the crown, so as not to muss your hair, which usually puts some type of crease in them. 8)