Tomb of the Pistolero (La Tumba del pistolero) 1964, Amando de Ossorio

His best film, when watched in full uncut/non-edited version. Too bad that the American version “Fangs of the Living Dead” has ruined the film’s reputation. Night of the Sorcerers is another good one, trashy jungle horror.

According to some sources he also directed spaghetti comedy Patience Has a Limit, We Don’t. Official credit goes to producer Armando Morandi or Franco Cif(f)erri depending on source. I’d like to know more about this.

Unfortunately I’ve never seen the uncut version. I’ve got the Retromedia DVD, but it’s the shorter cut. Is the uncut version available?

I don’t know any DVD relese other than US ones but Dutch VHS (or DVD-R copy of it) should be very easy to get. Beware of US public domain releses, even the one that claims to be full uncut 90 min (or so) version is in fact only approx. 75 minutes. All my favorite scenes were cut out and the ending is completely different. Original Spanish version is very serious but US version has this stupid twist that tries to make the film look like “Fearless Vampire Killers.” :-\

Does the uncut version still have the ‘improvised last minute’ ending?

I think I read somewhere that it does have the same ‘gag’ ending.

No, Spanish version ends in the castle’s dungeon and is very serious. My theory is that Amando De Ossorio was asked to shoot this stupid comedy ending for US/international distribution where the film was often sold as a “Fearless Vampire Killers” kind of thing. Many of films most atmospheric scenes were cut out also, like the ones in the dungeon, possibly to make it less horror.

I’m gonna have to hunt for this Dutch VHS version!

I checked trash palace. They have it. But its probably only fullscreen.

I’m wondering why its been said that the producers cut short the shooting time because it looks like Ossorio was able to complete the film with everthing intact but was forced to shoot a different ending.

Just a note - anyone interested in de Ossorio’s “Loreley’s Grasp” and “Night of the Sorcerers” - these are both on US DVD from BCI as part of their Spanish Horror range, but BCI are now closed down and these prints are going out of print fast - pick them up soon if you want to see them.

Anybody ever seen that really bad sea monster movie Ossorio did in the 80’s called THE SEA SERPENT with Ray Milland and Jack Taylor? It’s pretty awful.

Yeah those releases by BCI/Eclipse are top notch. A surprising amount of effort was put into those discs despite the obscurity of the films themselves.

Saw this one in the morning between the VAT declarations

Judging by the topic it didn’t cause a great impression, well it didn’t impress me too. Ossorio was a good director and I like it’s horror flicks, some of them filmed in Portugal, one of those directors that could do things with less, but his westerns were not a great deal, the ending looks almost like a thriller, more than a western, and I don’t know but the final duel was a odd one. Useful just to know that Silvia Solar was French (she even was miss France), the rest an average work, normal for the time.

D Cine Español or what? Thanks.
It seems that I have to pay for CS.

Watched a fansubbed version of this movie last night.

Like someone already stipulated, it’s more a mystery movie than a western (it was supposed to be a detective story originally but plans were changed)

It’s not great, as a western it’s uninventively shot, but thanks to the intricate detevtive story quite watchable. A lot of future SW supporting actors.

See if I can produce a short review.

Here it is [size=12pt]THE TOMB[/size]


[size=12pt]OF THE PISTOLERO[/size]

My interest in older SW/paella was considerably diminished after watching Klimovsky’s worthless Billy the Kid (also with Martin, Taylor, Sambrell, Induni and Robledo), but this one sounds neat, I’ll give it a shot.

Next western to view :slight_smile: .

Another great review by ScherpSchutter! This one looks interesting. I like westerns with a hint of mystery.

I would’ve thought that considering the name “The Tomb” and De Ossorio’s reputation as a horror master that we would be getting a horror western. But alas we have to settle for a “Columbo” western.

Right, I would’ve expected a bit of horror too, but apart from the tomb, nope (and it’s a remarkable clean tomb, never used, so to speak)

Has anybody by the way seen his other western, Rebeldes en Canada?