Tom Colt And The Salooners


anyone know any good spaghetti western inspired bands/songs?
would be grateful for any links

for those who want to go back to the west,
here’s my own western music

Cheers Colt

Hey, cool stuff man! Love to have some of your albums! Not sure of any pure western bands, but I know of a band called Ghoultown that does horror-western type stuff, pretty good, link below. Do you by chance know of any others?

Good stuff 8)

There are some threads somewhere on here that mention bands - the Hellbenders get mentioned a few times, but although this is one of the shortest threads, it has a link to a spaghetti/surf influenced discussion…,3125.msg118405.html#msg118405

and here…,3690.msg153001.html#msg153001

I like Ghoultown. Pretty good stuff.

Tom: I just listened to your music… WOW! That was some really good stuff.

Love to have some of your albums!

I would, too. I just checked Amazon and came away empty-handed. Where can one possibly buy your music?

Groovy 8) .

And twangy

I like it.

Well, have you looked into recording at home? I’m no expert on audio quality and such, but maybe you can get some recording software and equipment and do it?

Good deal! Keep us updated. :slight_smile:

Agreed! Looking forward to this!