Timothy Anderson Art

Found this site when looking for some spaghetti western poster prints, thought it looked really cool. He made some Star Wars posters in the style of Spaghetti Western posters, even including italian translations. And if you’re not a fan of Star Wars, he made a few posters for GBU.


Oh, and if anybody knows of any places I might be able to get my hands on some Spaghetti prints, specifically Blindman or The Mercenary, please let me know!


You can find here a reproduction of The Mercenary poster. Loads of other stuff as well. There is plenty of shops, you just have to search a while, but I generally purchase posters via ebay. I’ve recently bought an original poster of Kwaidan from 1964 just for 12 Euros. True bargain. :smiley:

Ah, thank you! I don’t usually use ebay though, been screwed over one too many times, but i suppose it’s still worth a shot.

Just about to put in a claim for something not received from an e bay seller.

Exactly. And I know how “forgetful” people can be…

Fortunately I haven’t been screwed by ebay yet. On the other hand, amazon isn’t better. I bought Death Rides A Horse and I didn’t got it. Afterwards, those fuckers even wanted me to review the item which almost drove me crazy. The guy I’m buying from is a seller who has 100 % positive opinions so I hope everything will be fine.

Haha! The stuff I’ve ordered from amazon is usually music or ebooks, but otherwise I’ve done fine. I guess it’s all just a hit or miss.