Three Stooges

What do you guys think of the three stooges? I don’t expect everyone to agree but lets refain from arguements. I say that because one sorta materialized in a thread I created. I personally like the Three Stooges comedy. Sur it is not the smartest but their still hilrious.

I love them. I wish there was more comedy like that nowadays.

Hmm, I`m a big fan of Marx brothers, Laurel & Hardy, Chaplin, Lloyd, Keaton…all the old classics but I’ve never seen Stooges.

Well, if your a fan of 30’s humor like me. You’ll probably love them. They are hilarious but remember to laugh then crinch atsome of the gags. Lot of beating and wrenching and slapping. I heard one of them actually got a calice on his face from being slapped so much! BTW, if you are married or have a girlfriend, don;t watch them with her. Women hate the three stooges.

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my favourites without a doubt

Laurel & Hardy, yes, their short films were great