Three Bullets for a Long Gun (Peter Henkel, 1971), Second Thread

(Wild The Hunchback) #1[/url]

And it’s sequel They Call Me Lucky [1973] .[url=]

Starring Keith G Van Der Wat.

Filmed and produced in South Africa.
I must take another look at them as i have forgotten the plots , if i recall though they looked cheaply made.

(Bill san Antonio) #2

There’s already topic here:,523.0.html

Should be in eurowestern section though.

(Wild The Hunchback) #3

Ok thanks Senor San Antonio. ;D

I felt they were both hybrids.

What i recall putting me off re-viewing these was the very distinct South Afrikaans language.

I found these on a torrent site a few years ago , vhs rips they were though.

(henkeljonnie) #4

Hi there. I am the son of Peter Henkel, the director of these two films. I’m looking for a copy of They Call Me Lucky and was wondering if anyone was able to help me find one.

(scherpschutter) #5

There is a copy on cinemageddon, but there’s only one seeder, so it might take a while to download it
See if there’s anybody who has a copy. If not, we can still try to get that CG version.

I still haven’t watched Thee Bullets for a Long Gun, I would like to review it for SWDB, but there are no seeders on CG
Anybody with a copy?

(henkeljonnie) #6

Somebody on here has helped me find a copy of “lucky”, which I really appreciate.
There is a version of Three Bullets on youtube, but unfortunatly there is a segment missing. The opening of the film is good, but the only other really good bit happens to be the scene partially missing in youtube version.

(scherpschutter) #7

Found it on You Tube.

I’ll see if I can find an uncut version somewhere, otherwise I watch this 1h15mns version

(Wild The Hunchback) #8

I’ll check the running time of my copy of “3 Bullets” , i’m pretty certain i got both from my time on Cinemageddon.