The SWDB Needs an IRC channel

One of my other favorites sites I visit has an option to join an IRC (or internet relay chat). This allows users to join a certain channel & chat in real time. This varies from other chat options as…

a) We could all chat at once
b) It is linked to this site & would be good promotion for this site
c) it can be regulated by us (usually site staff members Deputy’s etc. have this power)

I know some of you had chatted by various means before but this will be different. No more hitting refresh to see what one’s response will be. I’d love to see this happens as there are many here who I would love to engage with live. You would also either need another program like mIRC or have a client like Mibbit that can be linked to the site directly. One of this sites graces is that we can interact on a social level that transcends movie. Please chime in & let me know your take. I’d love to see this happen & feel it would make this site even greater.

Might work. Might not.
It´d be speculative to say. I mean, what works for one site might not for the other. But we can only find out if we try. And I´m for that.

just do it… :wink:

BL, true. Worse comes to worse & they’ll be little activity. But it would be a better way to communicate between members other than our PM boxes that alway seem full. DVD trades (deviant or not), anything we need to discuss. There is little to no risk vs. what could turn out to be a great idea. I once got a PM from a user saying “what’s up tonight?” “I noticed your online & figured…”

IRC would change that. Very often i communicate via PM in real time. PM’s work but it seems a bit troglodytish. I once worked for a company that said “we need to adapt to stay prosperous”

They ended up going out of business.

-The End

and now?

created a channel called #SWDB on the server

come in and join :stuck_out_tongue:

While I do know of this technology, exact instructions for how to log in/join might be needed. :slight_smile:

[quote=“Lode, post:6, topic:2259”]created a channel called #SWDB on the server

come in and join :P[/quote]

Do you mean org?

yes, haha!

I love your proficiency but for those of us who don’t have Mozilla…? :stuck_out_tongue:

doesn’t matter - it’s only a server :stuck_out_tongue:

the mozilla admin killed the channel - no off-topic please… :stuck_out_tongue:

Well it’s a step :slight_smile:

Another plus would be for user that just have a question, it would avoid making needless accounts to ask…

“I wonder if anyone knows the name of this movie” sort of thing

Also, the channel would show up on other servers list of channels & could lure people here.

Not to mention I’m exchanging PM’s with Phil right now :smiley:

It’s been years since I last IRC’d. I used to do it with star trek roleplay chat. I’ve forgotten how to do it. But I’ll give it shot.

Interesting idea. If it can be done, I’d like to see it done!

Sounds like it could be fun.

Why not just use IRCNet for example? (It is probably one of the most popular ones, along with maybe QuakeNet and some others)

It should be pretty easy to use through if people don’t want to install clients like mIRC or something else.

Just choose IRCNet as the network, put a nick (it might require you to change it if it is in use already by someone else), choose Other from the chatchannel list, and then put the other chatchannel as #SWDB (for example).

IRCNet (and it is the same with all other networks/servers as far as I know?) doesn’t keep the channel on though if there is nobody there… so once everybody leaves the channel goes away and can be claimed by anyone. But I’m usually online 24/7… well I usually just idle and don’t speak but… yeah.

Live chats like IRC might move the conversations away from the forum though. :wink:

to be honest I personally don’t see the value of this as the amount of people online at the same time and actually having something to say to each other is limited enough to just start an ad-hoc skypechat if necessary.

but whoever wants to implement this feel free to do so. if it works, we’ll link to it and make it official

Sounds interesting. I have not used IRC in the past so I am all for trying something new.

IRC is so really old… i forgot it existed :slight_smile:

LOL. Yes I used a lot some 5-6 years ago mainly for downloading stuff :slight_smile: That said there tend to be some chatty posting going on here some times and for that IRC is probably better suited.