The Stranger in Japan / The Silent Stranger / Lo straniero di silenzio (Luigi Vanzi, 1968)

I watched this movie and I loved it. A new entry in my Top 20! Tony Anthony is great. Some parts are cheesy (like the narration), but it gives the movie charm I think. The movie is never boring, the characters are great and some shots are really cool. Like the shots in the rain, the long bridge and Anthony hanging on a cross. Also the humor is not misplaced. The language problem was well done. Like Anthony, I also could not understand the Japanese.

I read that the film lay on a shelf for 7 years and then was cut and re-edited. And that Anthony was not happy with the result. That made me really curious about the original movie. Maybe even better then this one. But I guess we will never see it.

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I now see the post of VanEyck about trying to find the original tapes. Hopefully it will show up. Any news?

Interesting, title alone makes this seem like the type of movie I would ordinarily completely write off, but the fact that you and a few other people above are praising it so much makes me want to check it out.

Funnily enough I’ve just watched The Stranger Returns for the first time and I’m thinking of watching this one soon. Not sure what I’ll think of it but I’ll give it a go.