The Stranger and the Gunfighter / Blood Money / Là dove non batte il sole (Antonio Margheriti, 1974)

(Dillinger) #21

Being a SW fan I’m glad to have seen each SW, but this says nothing about the quality of the flick.

This could be true, but I also have to refer to my previous comment: this says nothing about the quality of the flick.

(chuck connors brother) #22

The story of this one just annoyed me, it was pretty silly imo (not what I expected because of the misleading trailer)… but I liked it enough to give it 3/5.

(Dillinger) #23

This example doesn’t work IMO.

(Dillinger) #24

Allright, I don’t have the Third Man! :wink:

(Dillinger) #25

Why that?

(Dillinger) #26

Maybe this is a misunderstanding. I’m not a collector of quality movies. But Some movies are of a better quality than others.

(Dillinger) #27

And yuo don’t know what a movie is like before you have watched it :wink:

(Dillinger) #28

True, but when you know something about a movie you still don’t know what it’s like.

(Stanton) #29

Citizen Kane is far more entertaining than The Stranger and the Gunfighter

(Hoover Valentine) #30

I liked it. As soon as van cleef rolls out from under the train I knew I was in for some entertainment. And bare ass girls helps too.

(Stanton) #31

Let’s put it this way. If you think that Stranger is a more entertaining film than Kane, than you shouldn’t say that Kane is better.
In that case I would say that Stranger is better than Kane.

Entertainment is a high value.

(tomobea) #32

Is there any uncut DVD (102 min)???

(Hoover Valentine) #33

I had this one at one point in time:

It’s runtime is 107 minutes its in widescreen and looks good.

(tomobea) #34

I`m pretty sure that this version is only 95-96 min (French DVD)

(ENNIOO) #35

Fun film with a bit of a different story. Van Cleef seems happy with his rug. Action is more mean spirited at the end. The repeating of this silly sounding music is the only thing I disliked. Viewed the excellent quality French disc. Blood Money is my preferred title.[font=times new roman][/font]

(davidf) #36

i saw this for the second time last night, a while since i’ve seen it, and i must say i liked it better this time although it’s still not that great, it’s watchable. It is also a lot more palatable than most of the excretable comedy westerns. 5/10.

(The_Stranger) #37

very nice movie. lee van cleef can’t be a miss.


Cheesus Christ! That was the one with the tattoos on the asses? Remember having a very rough time to finish it…I checked my list and I have given it a 3.5/10, that translates to 1 star here.

(Sundance) #39

Anyone remember what was cut from the DVD versions of this one? I think it might have been some sort of blade fight or something… maybe. My memory fails me.

I think Jerksi might have included that footage into his custom DVD-R but I never saw his version.

Just wondering as I got the Spanish Blu-Ray today which has English audio included but the length is probably the same as all the DVDs (the DVDs run shorter only because of PAL).

(Bad Lieutenant) #40

How is the Spanish Blu-Ray?