The Searchers (1956)

Is this the most famous western ever made? I don’t know but it seems to be held in high regard by everyone in the bussiness and it is as well many fan’s favorite. I’ve seen the movie several times and I’m always bit disappointed at the end.

It has superb locations and camerawork and I love Wayne’s acting here who delivers memorable lines with hate and passion. There are also quite few off screen disturbing scenes. However the movie is also filled with lighthearted moments and characters that don’t fit too well imo that make it look almost like two movies in a one. You get as well a blue eyed indian that is somewhat a 50s relict and some scenes look very much studio like and I’m not really sure if they were shot in a studio or they just look like that. With some cut it could get more mean and nasty. Maybe that was the reason why they added some comedy sidekicks?

All in all an important flick for the genre development, good fun but I expected more of it. 4/5