The Region Free Blu-ray Player Thread


Well I’ve been using the model below that (the S3200) for a couple of years now. And it’s one of the best things I ever bought.

(Mark) #102

I’ve been using a region free S1500 for awhile now and am quite happy. The S3500 is supposedly more mid-line in the x500 series, although a main difference seems to be wi-fi capability, which I don’t care about… I’ve been thinking about purchasing a S3500 (region free of course) from a reliable seller on ebay. I believe the S3500 is sold by some without power supply so buyer beware.


I see the Sony S1700 is going for $57 postpaid on Amazon now.

Addition: I’m not going to buy yet another machine and start buying the films all over again. I am satisfied with the DVD quality of Koch, Eureka, WE and others and I lack good (or any) copies of only a handful of top 150 SWs which interest me (e.g. Quanto costa morire?, Nevada, God Forgives, I Don’t, El Puro, Long Days of Vengeance, Requiem for a Gringo).

It seems clear that the market is moving toward BR from the increasing number of dual DVD/BR releases and that Amazon recommendations to me in this field are mostly BRs.

(Sebastian) #104

But there still are three regions :wink:

Personally, I want a region free BR player to enjoy some hong kong imports of restored John Woo etc movies there and so forth

(Søren) #105

But isn’t Hong Kong also region A ?

I went for a region A Sony S1700. Great little player and much faster than my 6 year old LG region B player.

(Sebastian) #106

Exactly, but I live in Region B

(Søren) #107

But then you only need a Region A player and not a region free one surely!? Region A players are more affordable. Thought for a minute that Hong Kong discs were Region C.

(Sebastian) #108

Well I’d still need a Region B player too :slight_smile:

(Asa) #109

That’s what he’s getting at, Seb. He’s saying it’d be cheaper and easier to keep your region B player and add a region A player to it than to replace your region B player with a multiregion machine.

It doesn’t solve the issue of region C discs of course but I guess the size of that problem depends on how many Russian/Chinese/Indian blu-rays one might own/wish to own.

(Sebastian) #110

It’s a shitty one :wink: and I don’t want to have 2 players laying around there :wink:

(Søren) #111

If you only want one player then just get the cheapest region free player you can live with. The Sony players seem nice. Also, define shitty. Any player that can play the discs I have is non-shitty in my book. If you need the bells and whistles and a player that can do all of your streaming and be able to play any movie format you may have stored on your harddisc aswell as ouput dvds in an acceptable quality you probably have to shop around. I only needed region A player that wasn’t outdated so pretty easy. Also didn’t have with having two players (3 if I include my dvd player). Having two plug snd unplug the players depending on whether I want to watch an American or European disc keeps my brain active :slight_smile:

(Sebastian) #112

well mine has started refusing to open the tray, and has other hiccups. It definitely needs replacement :slight_smile:

(Søren) #113

Well that is the epitome of shittiness right there :slight_smile:

(JideChone) #114

Excuese me, but this thread seems to be related to my question. I also have a similar about my blue DVD region code. I bought a blue ray DVD in Europe days before when I was there on vacation, after I wasback to Hong Kong, i found not compatible with my player. I bought this software ( an online shop which claims to change region code. I convert mine from region code 1 to region code 5, but still not compatible with my DVD player. It just keeps reading.
I tried HandBrake but it wouldn’t rip and compress any encrypted DVDs.

(Sebastian) #115

Merging these topics has reordered aome older stuff at the bottom. Cat Stevens post was where we left off. Just for everyone’s info

(Søren) #116

Lack of funds is always a pain of course but in that case importing stuff at all is a pain.

Initially I only wanted to point out that a region free player costs roughly twice as much in the EU as it does in the US but if you have no money that doesn’t of course help you :slightly_smiling_face:

My sons player is new and probably not of the highest standard. He is a student living at home so like you have very limited funds :slight_smile: Did read up on the players before he bought it though and no matter what player I found there were always someone calling it crap and recommending the next player up the ladder. He is happy with the one he’s got.