The Region Free Blu-ray Player Thread

(Yodlaf Peterson) #21

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(djvaso) #22

I have Pioneer BDP-440 player with custom firmware which has some interesting features: changing zone with RC, playing Blu-ray iso and BDMV files with menu from external drive, adding external subtitles on Blu-ray iso i BDMV rip very easily, disabling Cinavia protection, playing SACD burned onto DVD-R. Unfortunately, all internet applications are disabled. It also has weak IC sensor so the remote control may be difficult.

(autephex) #23

Those are some nice features djvaso. I still haven’t broken into ripping or playing backed up blu rays yet

(djvaso) #24

Ripping of a Blu-ray disc for 1:1 copy is very easy with AnyDVD HD. Right click on the icon and Rip Video DVD to Harddisk for BDMV folder or Rip to Image for iso file. BDMV folder can be played with newer version of PowerDVD (Open Disc Folder on Hard Drive) and iso file by mounting it on virtual drive.

(Col. Douglas Mortimer) #25

Sounds cool Djvaso.

(autephex) #26

I still gotta buy a blu ray drive for my computer, so can’t really mess around with ripping/burning just yet. Starting to see a good number of full BR uploads, which seemed wild to me at first: 20+GB per download… crazy how things just keep rolling along

Oh, and I just realized I actually did buy an Insignia TV years back. It was a LCD flatscreen, but still a big tube TV (right when they stopped making them). It worked well and never had any problems with it, but don’t know how newer models compare.

I don’t really buy into branding as far as quality goes, unless its a company that has managed to hold their integrity together. But when it comes to global electronics, none of those companies really have consistency any longer, and its more about specific models than brand name… and even then its a crapshoot with varying factories and whatnot.

A lot of times, the cheap stuff is just as good as the big brands, and sometimes its even exactly the same and made by the same people

(sartana1) #27

So the Orei players do not require a software update? I’m going to Germany next month and I wouldn’t mind doing some shopping for Blu-rays!

(Col. Douglas Mortimer) #28

I think the Orei players do have updates, I believe there is a site or forum where you can find them.

re: Blu Ray drives on computers: I still haven’t invested in one because well, unless my computer screen is 1080p capable, I won’t be able to watch blu rays in actual blu ray PQ. Getting a blu ray drive would mean I’d have to get a new screen as well.

It is useful for burning and ripping though.

(autephex) #29

I’m sure the Orei players have various updates, but the models listed as region free come region free out the box. The Oppo Bdp-103 suggested by poppunklovebaby is not region-free unless you buy a hardware-modified version though (it must be hardware modified, not software).

(volonte) #30

I havent read the whole topic so I dont know if this is what you are looking for. Anyway, I ordered my region free blu ray form here

They have a lot of different players starting from 169 euros. 26 products althogther at the moment.

(Col. Douglas Mortimer) #31

Thanks alot volonte. That Multiregion LG BP125 for $169 looks pretty good. Shipping to Canada costs 65 Euros. Yikes! I guess I still have to go with an OREI player which has free shipping when I order from Amazon Canada.

I happen to have an LG BP120. But there is no region free hack for it. The BP125 that Stegen sells is “modified”. I wish somebody can modify my BP 120 to be region free if it were possible.

I’m guessing that LG is probably more reliable than OREI overall but I’ll have to get the OREI based on price.

(Col. Douglas Mortimer) #32

Found a US based site that sells region free players pretty cheap!

(autephex) #33

Already posted that site a few times in this thread, Col :wink:

You can also buy chips to put into your player, if you’re handy with a soldering iron. That’s what companies like 220 are doing and then selling the modified players

(Col. Douglas Mortimer) #34

Ah okay. Also for that site you have to pay an extra 50-60 bucks to make it region free.

Also if you plan on buying an OREI player from amazon, make sure it isn’t the one that Amazon is actually selling themselves, as those aren’t modified to play region free blu rays. You have to order the one from an affiliate seller.

Soldering iron…sounds too hard for me lol.

(autephex) #35

Just glanced over the review of Explosive’s DRAH, and according to them the disc is region-free. Since I don’t have a BR drive in my computer, I can’t test this. But if DRAH is actually region-free, then I guess I actually haven’t confirmed my Insignia supports all regions via the firmware hack. Unfortunately I don’t currently have any other BR discs to test with as all my foreign releases are also region-free. Just thought I’d mention this before anyone buys the player based on my recommendation.

Actually, after looking a bit further into this, I don’t think that the 3rd party sellers are modifying the player at all. Bombay Electronics, a 3rd party seller at Amazon who has this player listed as “region/zone free” in the title, has provided the following instructions in the user comments for playing different zone Blu-Ray discs:

  1. Switch on Orei BDP-A3 without any disc inside
  2. Press Setup button on the remote control to go to the Setup Menu
  3. Press 1, 3, 6, 9 on the Remote Control
  4. Factory Page will appear on the screen with DVD Region code and Blu-ray region code option
  5. Highlight BD Region code to specify your Blu-ray region:
    a. Zone A: Press 1 on the remote control
    b. Zone B: Press 2 on the remote control
    c. Zone C: Press 3 on the remote control
  6. Press OK button on the remote control
  7. Press Setup button to exit out.

If the seller who has the player listed as zone-free is providing these instructions, I am pretty sure they are selling the stock player, unmodified and that you just have to follow these steps via the remote control to select the region for whatever Blu-Ray disc you want to view. It plays all region DVDs by default without performing these steps.

Maybe the same applies to the other listed Oreis, I’m not sure.

Here’s the player on their website , currently $139 w/ free shipping (USA):

It doesn’t state anything about being modified and says it plays all regions/zones out of the box. One of the user reviews mentions the instructions provided from Bombay in playing discs, so I’m quite sure they are selling stock, unmodified players.

These players also state “Worldwide Voltage”

(sartana1) #36

Just a heads up for anyone considering buying the Orei BDP-A3. It does not come region free out of the box. Also, using the steps mentioned here, you have to manually select the region for BDs each time you watch a different region. Only region 1 and 2 (for region A & B) Region C is not an option

(Jonny Powers) #37

Well, my blu ray from 220 electronics just came through, no R2 or R3 blus to test it with though :P. The HP BP-33 was the one I got, pretty nice player, except it won’t connect to the wifi. No streaming services now :-[ I’ll be getting a new TV so maybe that will have that functionality. Anybody else have that problem with the BP-33?

(autephex) #38

Do you have MAC filtering enabled on your wireless router, or is there possibly a port that needs to be opened on your firewall to allow access to the player?

(Asa) #39

The problem with region free players is that you then inevitably start to pick up non-native DVDs/Blus, and then you’re stuck on that merry-go-round forever, having to ensure every five years or so that your player has that capability. I don’t have that issue with blus - all of mine are compatible with my region - but I’ve got plenty of R1 DVDs (I’m in the UK, which is R2): The complete series’ of Soap and Married With Children, Dogma, Clerks: The Animated Series, an old WWE Mr. Perfect disc, a couple of those Echo Bridge 8 Spaghetti Westerns collections, a bunch of Dog the Bounty Hunter compilations (Yes, I like Dog the Bounty Hunter) et cetera, and now I have to constantly ensure that my players have region free capability. A few years ago when there were no BD players, just DVD players, this was as simple as looking up a code on the internetz and voila! Your player was unlocked. And I assumed that since it had become that easy, it would always BE that easy. But it’s not. Last time I bought a new BD player I had to buy some weird remote gadget off of eBay to unlock its DVD regions, and it seems that unless I want to kiss my R1 discs goodbye I’m always going to have to make multiregion playback a priority-one, dealbreaking consideration. Which is a bit of a bumfuck, really.

(Jonny Powers) #40

@autephex: No, not that I can tell. The router pops up to connect, it just won’t connect when I put in the password. I’ll type it in, I’ll get the Player–>Router–>Internet connecting screen and it won’t get past the player connected, just jumps back to the password screen.

@last.caress: Yeah, I’m not looking into region free blus in the near future (too damn expensive), but the region free dvd’s was guaranteed right outta the box. Really just a step towards maybe some Koch dvd’s ;D