The Price of Power / Il prezzo del potere (Tonino Valerii, 1969)

(Phil H) #81

Still like this one quite a lot without considering it truly top drawer. Obviously attempts to be a more “serious” film than some others (a decided lack of Gemma acrobatics is a good clue on that front) and succeeds for the most part while missing the mark in others. Like Stanton mentioned in an earlier post Valerii is obviously trying hard here but in so doing shows his limitations as a director. Also, the film feels strangely like a bigger and at the same time limited budget outing.Can’t quite put my finger on why but the lack of extras might well be part of it. Either way, it is still a solid and very enjoyable film and, when judged against the hundreds of others in the genre deserves a spot in the higher regions for sure.


Where the dickens does one attain an English friendly DVD of this?

(Asa) #83

Be aware that it’s a region 1 disc, though.


Cheers amigo!

And not to worry as I use a region free player. Region codes haven’t meant diddly dick to me in quite some time :slight_smile:

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I have a copy of the Japanese DVD I’d be willing to trade/sell.


Re-watched this one and Dead men Ride a few nights ago and they’re still two of my favourites, this one in particular (hence my username). Some seem to think it’s slow, I think it’s deliberately paced and plot driven. With a great cast, nice direction, great locations, good action sequences, and one of the best non-Morricone scores it’s hard to fault.


I’m not political at all but am still very fond of this film, despite it being a bit too talky overall. As for Dead Men Ride, I watched the first 30 minutes or so, and can’t remember much.


You should deffo watch DMR until the end. It gets better as it goes along and the final duel is one of the best outside of Leone’s films, it’s really hypnotic.