The old ITC cult TV programmes

Does anyone else have any favourites from the cult Lew Grade ITC productions that were broadcast in the late 1960’s -70’s?
My own personal favourites - that I watch on dvd on a regular basis - are:

  1. ‘The Prisoner’ (One of the most influential TV series ever made…thought-provoking, well acted by Patrick McGoohan, and the medley of guest actors. This show has proved to be more relevant today than it ever was.)

  2. ‘The Champions’ (Agents of ‘Nemesis’ - each endowed with super-human powers!)

  3. ‘Randall & Hopkirk’ (2 private detectives - and one of them is a ghost!)

  4. ‘Department S’ (A great show revolving each week around an apparantly unsoluble mystery.)

  5. ‘Man in a Suitcase’ (Richard Bradford)

  6. ‘Danger Man’ (again starring the late, great, Patrick McGoohan)

  7. ‘The Saint’ (starring Mr. ‘Smoothie’ himself, Roger Moore)

Of course, there was also the fantastic ‘Avengers’, with Patrick MacNee; ‘The Persuaders’: ‘The Adventurer’; ‘The Baron’; ‘The Strange Report’ … the list of greats goes on. Thank goodness for the great DVD boxsets being produced nowadays! You can always rely on the ‘oldies’ to bring the childhood memories flooding back. Anyone else have any particular favourites??

I have to admit to being a fan of all of the above. Partly just nostalgia value I admit. They were the shows of my childhood. But one thing which I think they still have undoubtedly over modern shows are magnificent theme tunes. These shows all have me hooked by the opening credits alone. Not something I have been able to say about a modern show for many years.

I jut recently acquired the entire series of The Champions. What a wonderfully odd show!