The Last Western You Watched? ver.2.0

(James Flessas ) #361

He was also great in Rio Conchos , I agree i wish he would have gotten some more leading roles, Thank you btw I’ve never seen El Condor , now thats on my list .


If only Raquel Welch had done Mariana Hill’s part in ‘El Condor’ … ahhh, we’d have a near perfect film LOL :smile:

(The Man With a Name) #363

That scene was basically a remake of the shower scene in 100 Rifles taken to the next level. I don’t mind Hill. Her performance in El Condor isn’t very good. Her delivery of the dialogue is actually quite bad but she didn’t have to do much. Brown established himself as a leading man and Lee Van Cleef showed that he had a wide range as an actor. His performance was very good in El Condor, a film I’m very fond of. Just a pity they didn’t re-write the ending to fit the mood of the film better.


It has enough ingredients to keep me happy … could have done without Patrick O’Neal though :confused: could never warm to that guy.

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Damn i cant find El Condor , i suppose i need to special order it

(The Man With a Name) #366

I wish I knew if the longer version with the sex scene is something people dreamed up. There was a big discussion on IMBD about this but I’ve never been able to find it on any release. If I ever got the chance to interview Brown, I’d ask him about whether this longer cut of El Condor existed. Would love to see this be given a DVD or Blu-ray release with extras. There’s radio documentaries and press coverage about this film in the archives.

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There were some stills of big Jim and Mariana naked and ready for action … think I stumbled on them by accident :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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thank you kind sir , with no name . much appreciation

(The Man With a Name) #370

Yes, they definitely exist and from what I remember, it was supposedly shown on European television but you know how it is, sometimes people remember scenes that didn’t exist in the final cut. I have always assumed this version existed but since nothing has resurfaced, I’m willing to admit I could be mistaken. It would be interesting if a pre-release version of this exists though. Maybe there’s a workprint with that scene. Goodness knows! Just a pity it’s probably destroyed by now if it did exist, same with many other films. Dark of the Sun is another I’d love to see uncut. Really hope that gets released someday.

(The Man With a Name) #371

You’re welcome. I’m the man with a name though. :wink: If you enjoy it, you can always get the DVD anyway. I still have El Condor on an old VHS I’ve had since I was 10 years old. Nostalgic film for me.


Didn’t know this one had been cut - but now that you mention it, the Warner archive version I’ve seen does seem to jump away from, or end abruptly at the final fight between Rod Taylor and Peter Carsten.

PS: Just found this on IMDB

Original cut of the movie was so violent that many scenes were cut out even before movie was submitted to the ratings board which still demanded additional cuts on some of the graphic scenes. Scenes which were cut because of the violence and other reasons include; Curry forcing Claire to have sex with him, Simbas raping nuns and throwing them to crocodiles, Simbas raping women during the village massacre and gang raping Liutenant Surrier, Simbas dragging a guy tied to the motorcycle and then pouring gasoline on him and setting him on fire, longer death scene of Ruffo in which he tries to grab Henlein after he stabs him but Henlein stabs him again killing him, longer fight between Curry and Henlein and longer death scene of Henlein in which Curry kills him in very graphic and bloody way. Some action scenes were also cut, some deaths too. Because of the many cuts made on the movie some scenes suffer from bad editing, most notably parts of the village massacre and death scenes of Ruffo and Henlein.

MGM … get this restored, pronto!

(The Man With a Name) #373

Yes I’m dying to see this one restored. One of my favourites and the best of the African mercenary movies.

(James Flessas ) #374

Nice, thats a Smithsonian artifact now lol, I will find it on some form of media , I did like the link you posted , i’ve never seen that sight , thank you for that , Times are kind of tight financially for me right now , but they will turn soon so I will be spoiling my self silly . take care

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The Wild geese is mine , not in the same class probably but that would be my mercenary flick . Just adding my 2cents


The Wild Geese is a great action yarn too - saw it in the local cinema when I was slightly too young, but tall enough to pass for 14 - happy memories.

However, “Simbas raping nuns and throwing them to crocodiles” and all the other atrocities listed, just sounds too wonderful, in a strictly grindhouse exploitation sense :wink:

(The Man With a Name) #377

I was four years old when I watched both The Wild Geese and Dark of the Sun. That’s what happens when you’re a kid who can’t sleep and you end up watching late night TV. Looking back, I can’t really believe I watched Dark of the Sun at such a young age but it didn’t seem to have any negative impact on me. The violence went over my four year old head but I retained memories of the train going backwards and the Simbas with the diamonds throughout my childhood, I just never knew the name of the film. I was so happy when I watched it again after all those years.

(James Flessas ) #378

Here’s the thing, violence never bothered me as a kid , I’m going way back to my earliest memories of seeing it , but the older I get, I’m actually having some sensitivity to some of it , obviously a reflection of the times , of course it seems more realistic in modern cinema too.

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By the way do either of you remember Wild Geese II , Lee Van Cleef , Klaus Kinski ? I think it was Italian made as well if memory serves .


Wild Geese II was made by the same producer as the original, Euan Lloyd.

The Italian movie with Van Cleef is called Codename Wild Geese, and has nothing to do with the others, just a cash in on the name.