The Last TV Series You Watched

(Asa) #21

Despite the less-than-stellar endorsement Scherp, I think you might’ve intrigued me enough to give it a whirl anyway. I hope it’s English-friendly in some way, either dub or (preferably) subs?

(scherpschutter) #22

I guess it’ll be available with English subs, the box I had was Belgian and only had Dutch and French subs

(Asa) #23

F*cking Brexit! :slight_smile:

(Toscano) #24

Following on from Arthur C. Clarke’s ‘Mysterious World’…

(Toscano) #25

Asa, if this break-fast cereal is going to wake you up in such a bad mood, then lay off it!:wink:

(Asa) #26

Finished season two of Fargo and it was outstanding from start to finish. I enjoyed it far more than I did the first season; so much in fact that I’m inclined to give that first season another try sometime soon. Not sure what’s next for us right now, though. Either season four of Orange is the New Black or, more likely, a mini-series called The Replacement (both @MazzyStar picks; I picked Fargo so it’s her turn). I’m still wading through the original Star Trek but that’s become more of a bit of filler every now and then.

I always take some sort of undemanding televisual entertainment to bed with me (I can’t get to sleep unless something’s on in the background): Frasier most often, but sometimes Cheers or Curb Your Enthusiasm or The Larry Sanders Show. Something like that. Anyway, King of the Hill is on “bedtime” duties at the moment (as it has been many times previously; it’s one of the “regulars”). For my money, it’s the best animated sitcom ever made. Thirteen seasons, didn’t outstay its welcome like many of its peers.

(kit saginaw) #27

Michael Shayne… starring Richard Denning as a Miami PI, driving around in a '61 Oldsmobile, manipulating & molesting anyone who crosses his path. -Specifically, the city’s Homicide Department. Rather listless and predictable plotting, but the outdoor locations lift it just enough to be watchable. The women are vivacious, except for his secretary(s)… Adds realism I guess, The soundtrack is so loudly awful, it’s enjoyable.

(Asa) #28

Started watching a BBC sitcom last night called Fleabag. Only watched one episode (out of six in total) so I’m unsure as to exactly what it’s about but it appears to be about a dysfunctional young woman cheerfully masking her trauma at losing her best friend (who was also her business partner) in an “accidental suicide”. None of that sounds very funny at all, granted, but it was most assuredly the funniest half-hour of anything I’d seen in some time. I’ll have the entire series watched by tomorrow night, I’d imagine. If you can get a hold of it, do so (to my UK-based brethren: The entire series is still on BBC iPlayer, but only for roughly another week or so).

(Carlos Corleon) #29

Last series was West World…Last Movie was THX 1138…Classic Lucas film. :robot:


Watched the first episode of Prison Break series 5 the other night. I enjoyed it and I think it set the stone for a good follow up to the previous series. If your a fan of the original like I was (except for series 3 and The Final Break being unnecessary) it’s worth a go.

(kit saginaw) #31

Soldiers Of Fortune John Russell (sans mustache) and Chick Chandler are like modern day barbarians for hire… solving disputes, starting them, then solving them again. Finding people. Being found by people. Hired to smuggle. Or hired to stop smugglers, etc. Those kind of plots. Exceptionally well written and produced. It looks like it had a big-enough budget to shoot its own stock-footage of wildlife and locales. Realistic fistfights and knife-play… but scoped-rifles are the weapons of choice.

" Amazing how the natives suddenly go mystic when tourists with money come around… "

(Asa) #32

We’re going to start series 4 of police drama Line of Duty tonight. It’s been on for the last five weeks here in the UK and it concludes on Sunday night. We were going to wait until it had completely finished before binge-watching it but it’s become THE show in Britain right now and, since the story arc contains something of a mystery element and spoilers will abound on every single media outlet come Monday morning, we figure we’d better make a start now and hopefully be finished over the weekend along with everyone else. The first three seasons were very good indeed.

(Asa) #33

Line of Duty was excellent, as ever. I finally finished Star Trek as well, although I’m probably going to go back over some of the better episodes. It was good, easy viewing.

Right now, we’re crashing through season four of Orange is the New Black. It’s strange; I always end up enjoying this show more than I think I’m going to, and this season’s no exception. It’s no world-beater, and I’m sure I’ll have forgotten it all within a fortnight, but it could be a lot worse.

(Asa) #34

Finished Orange is the New Black last night and it was actually a good season. Looking forward to season five now when it arrives on Netflix in June.

Not sure which show to go for next. I think it’s going to be either Iron Fist or 24: Legacy, both of which I feel I need to at least try but neither of which I’m anticipating with much enthusiasm.

(Bill san Antonio) #35

Any of you guys around here familiar with Inside no.9? I just heard about the series only now and I’m big fan of League of Gentlemen and Psychoville was quite good too so I’m interested if it’s anything like those.

(Phil H) #36

Yes Bill, similar stuff but each episode is a stand alone short story rather than part of a series and they all tend to be stories of the macabre type thing. Definitely worth a watch if you like the League of Gentlemen guys.


Agreed. Mike Judge is my favourite person in animation!


I have been watching three old series from the late '50s and early sixties.

I have finally seen all 71 episodes of the 1957-59 series “Trackdown,” starring Robert Culp as a Frontier battalion Texas Ranger after the Civil War. At the end of each episode is a note which claims that the stories are true and come from the files of the Rangers. It has similarities to “Dragnet.” Heavy use of voice-overs. I had never heard of it before the Heroes & Icons channel started showing it. Steve McQueen’s “Wanted: Dead or Alive” was a spin-off.

Also, the detective show “77 Sunset Strip” and “Cheyenne” with Clint Walker.

(scherpschutter) #39

Scream Queens (TV series, 2015)

I got this for free for subscribing to a special service. I actually had the choice between three TV series, one that I had already seen, a second that didn’t appeal to me at all (zombies!) and this one, so I chose this one (and not a discount) even though I had rather low expectations. To my surprise, I found the whole thing quite enjoyable (if not particularly memorable). It’s a cross between comedy and horror, set on a campus terrorized by a serial killer. A sort of Scream brought to a higher (or sillier) postmodern level - Scream for Beauty Queens wouldn’t have been a bad title either.

Emma Roberts - Julia’s niece - stars as Chanel N°1, queen of a sorority called Kappa Kappa Tau; Abigail Breslin, Ariana Grande and Keke Palmer (if you don’t know their names you’ll sure know their faces - or legs) co-star as other sorority members and Skyler Samuels is the student who’s determined to find the killer (the others don’t seem to care very much!). Jamie Lee Curtis - the scream queen of all scream queens - plays the dean.

The series received mixed reviews; it was called too silly for fans of comedy and not scary enough for fans of horror, but it was also praised for the snappy dialogue and overall good performances. The writing is uneven and it obviously took the screenwriters a while to find the right tone: some of the early episodes feel tossed together but the later ones are more consistent and the script at least kept me guessing who actually was the killer. Niecy Nash makes up for a lot of bad jokes with an often hilarious performance as a not-so-clever security guard.

(Asa) #40

Couldn’t face either Iron Fist or 24: Legacy - I’m simply not enthusiastic enough about either of them - so I’ve begun re-watching the excellent Preacher which I’ve only just gotten around to purchasing. Developed for television by Seth Rogen and his long-time collaborator Evan Goldberg of all people, Preacher is a hyper kinetic, violent and blackly humorous adaptation of a DC/Vertigo comic book series about Jesse Custer (played by Dominic Cooper), the son of a preacher man who, following a life of crime, has taken up the cloth in his old home town only to become possessed and fused to “Genesis”, an other-worldly force borne of a demon and an angel, and which might be more powerful even than God. As a result, Jesse can now make people do whatever he tells them but the literal nature of this power can be a minefield, as Jessie finds in the opening episode when he advises a paritioner arguing with his mother to “open his heart to her”. Joining Jesse on his adventures is Tulip (Ruth Negga, Dominic Cooper’s real-time partner), an old flame from Jesse’s bad old days, and Cassidy (Joseph Gilgun), a 119 year-old vampire from Dublin who literally fell out of the sky into Jesse’s backwater town of Annville in West Texas. Chief among several obstacles to be overcome by the trio is an unscrupulous property magnate (Jackie Earle Haley) determined to own the entire town, and the pairing of Fiore and DeBlanc, a pair of low-level angels tasked with retrieving Genesis from Jesse’s body by any means necessary. And, somewhere down the road, they’re going to have to face The Saint of Killers (Graham McTavish).

If it already sounds convoluted, I haven’t begun to properly summarise everything in the show, and the show so far has barely scratched the surface of the graphic novels upon which it’s based. If you haven’t caught Preacher yet, you really should give it at least a try. It’s a lot of fun.