The Last TV Series You Watched

Yes, but the fantasy stuff increases the more the show goes on.

Ohh, and I forgot to mention, in case of the shows popularity, it got also zombies … lots of them …

And another important aspect, there are a lot of secrets. Secrets from a mythical past long ago, secrets about family descents, secrets about inhuman skills and inhuman beings etc. Lots of secrets the audience wants to get an answer for.

Agreed. The writers obviously didn’t know what made the show initially tick.

Seems it’s not moving in my kind of direction, so to speak. I don’t care much for the fantasy things (well, a little dragon every now and then is okay) and hate zombies. I usually avoid anything with zombies in it. I can see what you say about the characters, my favorites so far are Tyrio Lannister, Arya Stark (I think I have a crush on a girl who’s supposed to be 12 years old!) and John Snow. A couple of other characters don’t work at all for me, notably Joffrey. He’s a villain and supposed to be despicable, and he is, but in order to be a really good villain, such a character must also be fascinating, and this guy is just a jerk. Not sure (yet) about a couple of others. I hated Jaime Lannister initially, but he seems to redeem himself a little in the course of series 3 and I haven’t made up my mind yet about this Mother of Dragons

I finished Swamp Thing and Im just a mess and so upset that this series was canceled after the first episode was released. I think DC (or whomever) is responsible for this inane decisions really dropped the ball. This series had potential.

I’m currently watching Jericho (both seasons) and I have roughly 8 episodes remaining. I’ll likely move on to Into the West (mini-series) here in a few days. Ive not watched that show since it aired originally but it’s been on mind a lot. Spielberg’s Taken also - Which I downloaded immediately after getting Into the West.

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Welcome to the SWDB, Kevin! :+1:

Absolutely - old Joff’ is excruciating to watch - more like an obnoxious over privileged teenager than a real supervillain. Hated him, but not for the reasons the writers intended.
There aren’t really many characters that inspire or repel in the dramatic sense - and the story just plods along, and as you’re about to drop off for a snooze, as you cease to give a damn about who’s who … Bam, there’s some full frontal nudity to give you a jolt.
Over all I think what is lacking is a central character to piece all the bits together - Tony Soprano was a bastard and a spoilt brat, albeit in adult form … but the audience cared what was happening to him for 6 seasons - But that series is still the exception rather than the rule. As HBO try to find the magic formula, whether we’re in a pirate world, a western, war scenario … it’s not bad language, graphic violence and nudity that clicks with an audience, it’s great characters and storytelling.

Ive returned! My old account (kevinbellamy) is still listed on here but Ive not accessed it since 2007 so it’s been… well, its been a spell. haha

I would post on here somewhat frequently. Some people may recall at one time I posted a link to a handful of spaghetti western wallpaper I designed.Sadly, that link is dead and buried and I didnt save any of the files. Bummer.

I’ll hush now.

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Well, then welcome back, Kevin! :slightly_smiling_face:

But that is how his character works, he is not the main villain, just one bad guy amongst others, he is never supposed to be fascinating, to have a kind of negative charisma. He is the one really everybody hopes to be dead soon, and for that he is quite perfect.
GoT has so many different characters that every viewer is allowed to find his favourites and to chose those he dislikes. And there is a certain richness in that selection, and I think people chose those they like also amongst the more negative characters. At least I did.
And then there is a certain openness for change, especially that some like Jaime become more and more likeable.

And that’s why GoT became such a big success, cause the audience thinks that GoT has great characters and great storytelling. And a big epic sweep.

To reduce the success of GoT to sex and violence means not to understand how it works.

Btw, I think the broader success of a more complex series like The Sopranos had more to do with sex and violence, which was at that time quite a new thing in a TV show. There are many series now which are much more fixated on excessive sex and violence, without having in the slightest the success and influence of GoT.

The Sopranos is for me all in all also the better series, but GoT is the far more successful one. And it is for me easy to understand why.

My thoughts on the last episode or so of Game of Thrones. It’s a fairly unpolished piece of writing but it was originally just a post on a West Ham United football fan forum, which the site owner promoted to the main site as an opinion piece (indeed, the first and so far only non-footballing opinion piece that site has ever published). Had I known he was going to do that I’d have tidied it up considerably, but it gets my thoughts across anyway, albeit rather inelegantly:

Game of Thrones: The Good, the Bad and the Ugly

… or not to give a shit!

It’s a TV drama, a soap opera, albeit one with a huge budget. It still follows TV drama conventions. It simply didn’t work for me as an interesting compelling saga, as was it’s intention.

Yes, it has strong soap aspects, like nearly all of the TV series, and it is more conventional than the GoT fans think, it follows mostly the usual rules (but not always), otherwise it would not have become that successful.

Still, GoT has lots of strong ideas and images, and can surprise sometimes.

If you like Sopranos check Canadian tv serie Omerta III (1999). It is almost unknown but it is easily one of the best mafia series/movies ever produced.

You don’t have to watch Omerta I and Omerta II to understand the story since Omerta III is not connected to them too much and the first two series are told from the perspective of the police department and they solve different cases. Omerta I is good, Omerta II is a mess, Omerta III is brilliant which is strange itself. It has only 13 episodes which is about the number I like the most for a tv serie with one storyline.

Just finished watching, ‘Game of Thrones’, seasons 3 and 4 …. picked up Blu Ray boxsets very cheap, and thought, what the hell, I’ll give it another chance - Well, what a huge improvement !!!
The sluggish pace of the previous episodes has been given a big kick up the arse … and loads of dead weight characters and their boring storylines get the chop … literally.
Not in a huge hurry to see the rest, nor have I become a convert as such, but with these 2 instalments, I can definitely see the appeal of the series. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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Those are the best seasons.

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Ok …. does it go back into a slump after Part 4 ?

Season 5 spends a lot of time spinning its wheels and, at the time of broadcast, I thought it was the weakest season. Season six is really pretty good: It’s the point at which the TV show begins to overtake the books and, free of George Martin’s ever more diffuse approach, things start to really rock and roll. This comes at a price, though. Lots of things begin to happen too conveniently and too quickly, and whilst this is merely a slight concern in s6, it becomes a real issue in s7 and a fucking disaster by s8. The whole show becomes both more thrilling and more ridiculous simultaneously. Even as late as the seventh season, it still (for me) had the potential to be one of the greatest - of not THE greatest - show of all time. But that last season was the equivalent of being in front of an open goal before ballooning the ball into row Z. As a fan I still think it was a bloody good show, truly magnificent in places (many of which you’ve seen at this point and many of which still lay in front of you should you choose to continue, which I really think you should), but there’s no escaping the fact that it fell short in the end, and that the signs were apparent for some time.

All merely imo, of course. :+1:

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Thanks for such a detailed account … I will check them all out eventually. :slight_smile:

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I finished series 3 two weeks ago, I might start the fourth series right now