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Hi hi, I know that photo, I think you posted it here already once, and I really have to watch it now …

How’s about this:

Well, I also like her face very much, quite expressive …

(and no, I’m not talking about Ben Stiller, just watch the clip)

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Yeah, not bad. And yes, I like her face as well


’7 Murders for Scotland Yard’ ‘Jack el destripador de Londres’ (original title) 1972

A question to my fellow film fans - Why is this man so popular !?

Paul Naschy aka Jacinto Molina Alvarez is the worst leading actor I’ve ever seen.

Ok, so there are loads of poor or even incompetent actors that have come and gone over the years, so why single out this individual ? Because, there are rare occasions when watching a movie that something just isn’t right, and you’re witnessing more than just low grade talent.

In the case of Naschy it’s like observing mental illness - Never have I seen the projection of needy self pity and off the chart narcissism than in this guy’s ‘performance’. It’s only the second of his films that I’ve watched, but the ‘characterization’ are identical. The poor hard done by, nobody understands me, brooding, more commonly seen in sulking adolescents.

Why does he have a cult following … is it simply because some people enjoy watching crap, and the worse the better ?
What I personally found so risible and repugnant are the so called ‘Small Man Complex’, aspects … the over compensation by some who believe that being shorter than average needs to be balanced with aggressive machismo.

One truly outrageous and completely unnecessary example is when Naschy’s character, ‘Pedro’, suspected of a series of Jack the Ripper style murders, has escaped from the police (even though he maintains his innocence ) The detective at the scene reports back to the Inspector on the case, to whom he gives a physical description. The actor playing Inspector Campbell, Renzo Marignano was extremely tall, 6’ 4½" (1.94 m) The young detective describes Naschy’s character as being slightly shorter than the Inspector !!! Naschy is listed on some sites as being 5’ 8" and that’s probably an exaggeration. Not that it matters one jot to the audience, but the line has clearly been added at the insistence of the ego manic leading man.

The evidence !

The film itself is poorly shot, on location in London, but almost certainly done without any filming permit. Photographed through the window of a parked car etc. The plot is ridiculous and makes little sense, plus you can spot the baddie almost immediately :thinking:

I won’t be watching any further Paul Naschy films - 2 out of 10 … only because it was slightly less awful than ‘2019: After the Fall of New York’ :nauseated_face:

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I’m currently rewatching a few old favorites. This trend-setting action comedy is still entertaining, but I spotted some shortcomings that I had overlooked back then, when I saw the thing in cinema. The boys are back in town, as the tagline says, but the boys have changed, or maybe I have, maybe I am no longer a boy …

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Naschy was a bad actor sure, but he lived his dream


I will resist the urge to click on that link :smirk:

Living his dream may sound like a nice sentiment, but if you’re an artist of any worth and intelligence, the question needs to be asked, ‘What do I have to offer?’

I’m sure he was having a ball, living out his fantasy … but where were the talent police during his reign of terror ??? :thinking:

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Well if all comes down to a matter of talent, things would loose all the fun. There are a lot of stuff worst than Naschy in the world of B D Z grade movies, and talent is not the key element that I expect or search there, the equation I take in account is the quantity of fun with the rigth porportion of madness of some kind.

Just the fact that a Spanish guy in te 70’s could find the motivation to travel to London and make a film with a budget of matchbox is just enought for me.


That’s great … I’m really just wanting to hear opinions and get feedback on the subject.

Wasn’t expecting David Lean quality when I picked this disc … and the clunky thrown together feel, doesn’t bother me so much as what’s happening with the lead role.

It’s not studied or considered in any way, it’s someone pretending to be an actor rather than actually acting, in order to tell a better story.

The fact that Naschy is sometimes referred to as the King of Spanish horror and clearly thinks himself a genius … that is disturbing. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

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Well In the land of blind the one eyed is king, the “competition” for Naschy was probably Jess Franco, maybe King not because he was a pionner, but he started a tradition by quantity I guess


Jess Franco’s idea of movie making is sticking a camera up a girls ass, and voila, a film.

Here’s my Paul Naschy impression, or rather his range of emotions :angry: :angry: :angry: :angry: :angry: :angry: :angry: … and one more for quantity :angry:

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Convoy. Peckinpah. 100%.


100% what ?

First movie I ever walked out of … on a double bill with ‘ABBA the MOVIE’ … not kidding :crazy_face:

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It was great. No kidding. Why should I think otherwise, enlighten me?


It’s horrible and boring … redneck shite - and I knew that when I was 14 :grinning:

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Lol I also liked, and i watch at the same age, but then I’m redneck also :grinning:, so that must explains it


One review of this movie said, “It makes Smokey and the Bandit look like Citizen Kane

I have to agree :rofl: Even Kristofferson is quite embarrassed about it, and it’s very quickly dismissed in the Peckinpah documentary.

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Redneck power!

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Convoy is great, an incredibly underrated film.
Here in Germany I read for many years only very positive things about Convoy, and was then surprised how negative the reviews in the english-speaking parts of the world were. Which is pretty strange when I think about some positive appreciation for dumb films like Where Eagles Dare or even The Great Escape. Convoy is not only better directed than these, it is also more intelligent (despite some pretty commercial stuff).

Convoy is in the end a typical (enough) Peckinpah film, it is The Wild Bunch light with lots of fascinatingly directed scenes. Always a pleasure to watch.

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You said it perfectly, Stanton.
I also think it is essential Peckinpah, can’t really undestand why would a person who normally likes his movies would dislike this one. Well, rednecks are in all of them after all. :smiley: