The Last Movie You Watched? ver.2.0

(scherpschutter) #865

(Bill san Antonio) #866

Last ten:

  1. Kokkonen: Uuno Turhapuro
  2. Brooks: Silent Movie
  3. Puenzo: Plague
  4. Galeen: Alraune
  5. Virtanen: Noin 7 veljestä
  6. Wheatley: High Rise
  7. Di Leo: Milano Calibre 9
  8. Breen: Fateful Findings
  9. Vanzi: A Stranger in Town
  10. Anders: Roots of Evil

(The Man With a Name) #867

I watched a bunch of Jan Verheyen films out of curiosity. He’s just plain awful.

(The Man With a Name) #868


Joyride to Nowhere (1977). A low budget car chase film that turned out to be more enjoyable than the reviews would have you believe.

(Bill san Antonio) #869
  1. Mattei: Hell of the Living Dead
  2. Franco: Erotic Rites of Frankenstein
  3. Page: FIreback
  4. Aster: Hereditary
  5. Chick (?): Light of the World
  6. Spinelli: Sex in the Comics
  7. Gezen: Homoti
  8. Berg: An Open Secret (D)
  9. German & Aronov: Sedmoi sputnik
  10. German: Proverka na dorogah


Very entertaining one.

(scherpschutter) #871

Did you watch Dossier K. ? It’s not bad at all

(The Man With a Name) #872

I thought that was a very average film.The acting was weak and it was too fast paced. Can’t say I’m eager to watch it again. There is just something about all of his films that leaves me feeling sour. The only one that I thought was good was Alles moet weg, which I would give a solid 3/5 rating.

(Bill san Antonio) #873

Yes, especially with friends and some beer. I was really surprised.

(The Man With a Name) #874

Hell of the Living Dead is great fun. I absolutely love Mattei’s films. My favourite is probably Robowar. I wish someone would release that movie on DVD or Blu-ray.

(scherpschutter) #875

I thought the acting was okay, but I understand your remarks in relation to the pacing: the script was rather weak, and to hide the flimsiness if it all, they accelerated the narrative, so to speak. I know Verheyen personally (not too well, btw) and he’s a very nice guy, so maybe i’m a bit prejudiced :wink: I haven’t seen his latest movie Het Tweede Gelaat yet, a sort of sequel to Dossier K.


A Papua New Guinea zombie movie. I didn’t know feature films were shot there, much less cool zombie movies. I will check that out.

Grand Canyon Massacre (1964) Stanley Corbett director, last one I saw.


Tomb Raider (2018)–4/10

Alicia Vikander was awful in this “Raiders of the Lost Ark” rip-off. The cast, script and acting was piss poor and even the action scenes were lame. Pffffft!..


She has nice calves though. :heart_eyes:


I was unaware of this lady until recently watching Jason Bourne (2016) , what a humourless snorefest that was … all the nice calves in the world couldn’t save it. :weary:


What about Ex Machina?


Haven’t seen it … worth a look ?


I would say definitely yes.


It’s got a very high ‘Rotten Tomatoes’ rating … so I’ll give it a go if it turns up on TV - Cheers for the recommendation :slightly_smiling_face:

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