The Last Movie You Watched? ver.2.0

(Bill san Antonio) #704
  1. Visconti: Death in Venice
  2. Del Toro: The Shape of Water (T)
  3. Franco: Virgin Among the Living Dead
  4. Salkow: Twice-Told Tales
  5. Hessler: Cry of the Banshee
  6. Gilroy: Nightcrawler
  7. Franco: Les Grandes Emmerdeuses
  8. Hessler: Murders in the Rue Morgue
  9. Mangold: Wolverine
  10. Fuest: Dr. Phibes Rises Again

(scherpschutter) #705

I said: Forget it!
But no, a diehard shark fan, I should’ve known, those guys never listen.

Again (after the low marks for Taxi Driver), no real Scorsese appreciation here. What’s wrong with this movie? (unlike Taxi Driver it’s not really a personal favorite, btw)


Whenever I watch Taxi Driver I can’t help but wish I liked it as much as most people. Same thing with Apocalypse Now.

(scherpschutter) #707

Well, at least we agree on Apocalypse Now; A movie i don’t really care for


I too now find ‘Apocalypse Now’ a bit of a slog … and it’s one of those overly documented and hyped films, whose over exposure really puts me off.

Have to say that it was really breath taking and powerful on the big screen back in the day … but now the key scenes and quotable dialogue and numerous re-edits have killed off much of it’s original impact.


I much prefer Platoon :+1:


I prefer Tropic Thunder :rofl: … with every ‘Nam’ cliché in the book, it makes any of the original movies hard to take seriously.

PS: It’s not laughing at the war, but the Hollywood treatment of it.

(The Man With a Name) #711

I love the theatrical cut of Apocalypse Now but I wasn’t keen on Redux. Taxi Driver is great, too


Oh that French plantation scene in Redux. Definitely not overlong. Just brilliant…

(Asa) #713

As that fella said in Dirty Harry: “Man… I gots ta know!” :slightly_smiling_face:

See, I could point to that borderline unbearable Bernard Herrmann score (for me) ruining an otherwise excellent movie in Taxi Driver but, here, with Raging Bull, I have nothing upon which to hang my hat. No defence. It’s a fine movie all round, and I do like it, I just… I don’t love it. It leaves me a bit cold. I dunno, maybe I just can’t muster quite enough interest in Jake LaMotta, no matter how masterfully his tale his told, for me to ever be any further invested in the stakes.

And I love Martin Scorsese. Doesn’t especially look like it though, I suppose. :grin:

Yes, Martin!
The Wolf of Wall Street
The Departed
Shutter Island
The King of Comedy

Okay, Martin!
Cape Fear
Mean Streets
Taxi Driver
Raging Bull

Oh For F#ck’s Sake, Martin!
The Color of Money
The Last Temptation of Christ

Wasn’t Impressed Straightaway But I’d Like to Try These Ones Again Sometime, Martin!
Bringing Out the Dead
Gangs of New York
The Aviator

Never Saw Them But I’d Like to Check Them Out at Some Stage, Martin!
Alice Doesn’t Live Here Anymore
After Hours

Couldn’t Care Less About These Ones, Doubt I’ll Ever See Them, Martin!
New York, New York
The Age of Innocence


‘New York, New York’ has to be my worst film viewing experience of last year - I’d barely pressed eject on the DVD player, and this one was straight into the charity shop donation bag.
Phew … has to be seen to be believed, just how dislikeable two lead actors can be in one movie. Liza Minnelli has this dopey, just been woken up / drunk expression throughout, and De Niro’s character is about as obnoxious and irritating as anything I’ve ever seen … plus the fact that he pesters, bullies and generally harasses Minnelli to get a date, as though she were some unbelievably stunning sexy beauty.

Avoid like the plague! :weary: :weary: :weary:


Goodfellas is of course superior, but I’ve found myself re-visiting Casino more overall. Although the dummy of De Niro in the car at the beginning is just terrible.

(tomas) #716

Only three stars for Horatio Hornblower in space? Shame on you.

(scherpschutter) #717

You brought two too many …

(Stanton) #718

New York New York has some serious flaws, but there is also some great stuff in it, only that it never really begins to connect. Still enough fun for about 6 or maybe even 7/10

Scorsese has lost much of his power in the new millennium, but The Wolf of Wall Street (8/10) is great fun (only goes on too long) while Shutter Island (3/10) is easily the worst he ever did.

(James Flessas ) #719

I think Hugo is a masterpiece

(El Topo) #720

Good discussion here
About apocalypse I really liked when I first watched as teen, after several views it began so loose some gas, it didn’t resist the test of time that well, I liked the redux version mostly because I watched in the big screen, it breeds better in the big screen. In the end the actual feeling is that it didn’t resist the test of time.
Taxi Driver and Raging Bull are in another league, both my favourite Scorsese specially the first one, better than Goodfellows or Casino, and for me Goodfellows also didn’t resist the test of time that well, Casino works better.
Scorsese somehow became a documentaries man, documenting the things he loved and influence him as a director, almost giving up in being one.

(Stanton) #721

I think there are few older films which still look so modern. For me Apo Now gets better with every viewing. And is as fascinating on a small TV as on the big, bigger, biggest theatre screen.


What nonsense! LOL :rofl: Anyone who’d seen this in the theatre would never say this.

(Stanton) #723

I have seen it about 6 times in the theatres alone, and several more times on TV from the early VHS days to present HD.
For me the fascination of films have not that much to do in which format I watch them. So that’s absolutely no nonsense.