The Last Movie You Watched? ver.2.0

I am a massive Hammer Films fan and have a boxset of their Brit Noir flicks. Very different to their later output.

Hell Drivers is a monumental film, because it features not only an underplayed performance from the great Stanley Baker, but also features early performances from Sean Connery. David McCallum, Herbert Lom.

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The cast is incredible really. Patrick McGoohan stands out too but there’s also Gordon Jackson, William Hartnell, Sid James, Alfie Bass and a very young Jill Ireland. The only “face” missing was Sam Kydd. Can’t believe he didn’t get a look in. He seemed to be in every other British film of the period.


Hell Drivers has been released on Blu Ray so I will put it on my wish list. A good idea for Father’s Day too.

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Thanks. I don’t know if I’m exposing anything, maybe not exactly the right word. I kind of enjoyed it, but had expected a more concrete story as opposed to this. With that being said, I can easily see other people who are into gore and the likes responding to it more positively.

Thank you, mate, hope you’re doing well. :+1:

Yeah, I especially like how absolutely bonkers it gets along the way. A good old-school blockbuster, very enjoyable.

Probably not the right word. But like you I went into this movie expecting a ‘concrete story’ too and it was violent, gory and plotless. I felt short changed. It was not the masterwork it had been built up to be. IMO

Yeah. I mean the whole zombie genre kind of relies on the gimmick of zombies running around and mauling people, so it may sort of feel intellectually disingenuous to criticize the flick for delivering just that, I don’t wanna go Roger Ebert on exploitation stuff other than for satirical purposes maybe.

On the other hand, you likewise need a little more than just action in order to ground the script in the reality of screenwriting as well as to balance and properly structure the story. Yeah, Nightmare City’s writing just kind of turns the whole thing into an amorphous mess and no matter how dexterously edited a lot of its action sequences happen to be, that just doesn’t prove adequate in the end IMHO.

I agree with you Mickey. I think the writing is what makes NIGHT OF THE LIVING DEAD so enduring.