The Last Gun / Jim il primo (Sergio Bergonzelli, 1964)

i must admit, didn’t like this one’s not one of the worst of the genre it’s just ordinary. one of those that you forget the minute it’s finished and yes as others have said it is offputting to hear a different voice from Cameron Mitchell.The dubbing on this one isn’t so hot ethier. 4/10

Yes pretty standard, did not think you would like it very much :slight_smile: .

[quote=“ENNIOO, post:22, topic:953”]Yes pretty standard, did not think you would like it very much :slight_smile: .[/quote]i think i’ve seen and own most of the good ones now, but still got a few sw’s coming up on my to watch list :slight_smile:

I just watched this one on the Mill Creek blue ray double bill where the other film is “4 Dollars of revenge”
The transfer was better than expected, but not great. The film ran approximately 96 min and not a 126 as stated on the back of the cover.
In the film Cameron Mitchell plays an ex-gunfighter who has thrown his gun away to live the quiet family life, but when a gang led by Livio Lorenzo starts terrorizing his home town he has to turn into his former self to save the town.
Not a great film, but still worth watching.

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Wow! Watched it recently and must admit, this one is not that good. For an early Spaghetti, it’s annoying! Especeally the gang leader Livio Lorenzon who over-acts and won’t stop laughing, this guy laughs at everything. Oh, and when he shoots is gun he doens’t reload it, it’s like it’s got automatic bullets, amazing! He even wears a hat that is two sizes too small for him. Mitchell is wasted it in imo, Carl Mohner fares better as the guitar- strumming gang member and the dubbing is one of the worst.

I agree - this was even my first and foremost impression I gained after 15 minutes of watching. In addition to that, the German dubbing is really ridiculous and annoying. Because of that and its brutal, chauvinistic “machismo” I give 2 out of 5. Definitely not recommended although I liked Mitchell as “Pistolen-Jim” and Möhner as “Guitar”.

I watched The Last Gun last night and have little of substance to add to the above stuff.

I hadn’t read the thread before so made a few notes as it unfolded its nothing special tale. These echoed Phil’s remarks about the treatment of the women (the bit where guitar-playing Mohner is looking up Delores skirt on the stairs, as she deliberately exposes her girlie-parts to him is a case in point).
The other bit of note were the great lines that Romaine mentioned reinforcing Mohner as the laughing lothario that he plays in this. In fact in seems that Mohner’s character - the chuckling Carl - never stops grinning, gurning or giggling throughout the film - even when being beaten up - which contrasts with boring shopkeeper Bill (Mitchell) - who is really Jim Hart the notorious gun-slinging outlaw. Bill/Jim is firmly rooted in American stylee westerns that rely on that ‘hang-up-ya-gun/you’re a coward’ fare. The rest of the cast, and their rampant libido, are summat else!
There are good bits in this - the gang are quite characterful and Jess is great as the bullying boss. There’s also some amusing l’il side characters… Noah, the ol’ scrote with his donkey and Al the wife-beater :stuck_out_tongue:

All in all, not very good… (I gave it 2 stars), but I wasn’t in danger of falling asleep or leaving it for another day (as I did recently with Kill Johnny Ringo). There was enough entertainment to keep me in the zone… just :slight_smile:

Not a favourite of mine at all this one.

Not a favourite of mine at all this one.
Same here. I gave it 1 star rating.

Gave this one another view via the blu-ray. I’m not familiar with either actress but looks like the DB has the roles reversed. Seems right that Célina Cély is Dolores

and Kitty Carver is Janet

The credits are full of pseudonyms. One I would question is Giuseppe Mattei (as John Matthews/Matius). Mattei is not present and his usual alias is Joseph Mathews. I find it more likely that John Mathews may be Giulio Maculani or Gino Marturano. John Mathews (or a variation) is credited in Fort Yuma Gold and The Last Killer, Maculani is in both, Marturano in Fort Yuma.

One of the very first Italian westerns. Unfortunately it’s all but great, let alone innovative. Later the very same year the trio Leone-Morricone-Eastwood would create a new universe … This one is only for those who watch everything with a horse a saddle and a pizza …


From Database Review
(1) The film was released in Italy in October 1964, one month after Leone’s movie, but its registration number is lower, so it was submitted prior to A Fistful of Dollars.

This small error comes from Giusti’s book
A Fistful of Dollars was submitted at the end of August '64, Jim il primo in mid-October, a few days before Minnesota Clay: the registration numbers are 43642, 44006 and 44044 respectively.