The Hills Run Red / Un fiume di dollari (Carlo Lizzani, 1966)

in answer to stanton’s comments, i must admit when i watched this, right from the beginning my first thought was, this is like an amercian western.

I thought it felt realistic and gritty, didn’t get any 50s b westerns feel at all… I did with One Silver Dollar though, which I watched back to back with this.

After seeing the mgm disc it was a revelation, I love the direction and camera work… need to revisit Kill & Pray from the same director, I didn’t like it so much the first time.

Also have Last Days of Mussolini and Bandits in Milan which I haven’t viewed yet.

Watched the bonus again. I hoped to find the Italian Ending as Hidden Feature on the DVD but it wasn’t. I wonder if there is anything about any SW the expert doesn’t know. :slight_smile:

It’s part of the inteview. He talks and small in the background you see both ends simultaneous

Apparently it’s this guy, il grande Antonio Bruschini, but another interview
Or maybe this is just a small part of a longer interview

He says by the way, that The Hills run red is a more ‘classic’ western, that is, not a political allegory in western form

lame movie, i thought

I find though that some movies that on paper I shouldn’t like, I do. On paper they have none of the elements of a classic movie, they are formulaic, blah blah blah but I like them anyway. I think perhaps that The Hills Run Red is one of these.

I enjoyed this for the amount of entertainment value I got from it. For whatever reason it had me from start to finish…dunno, really can’t explain it even now. I gave it 5 stars.

5 stars, haha that’s what I call balls :wink: the acting and script of this film were definitely bad though… hehe

I respectfully disagree, amigo! :smiley:

Sir, I respectfully call you a wanker, and challenge ya to a duel. I see you outside in 20 minutes, dear sir, and don’t you dare pull any ol’ tricks on me, mister! the lord shall strike ye down!

Seb, just imagine me laughing at you like Henry Silva and that shall suffice for my reply!!! :smiley:

I thought this one was really disappointing too, I can’t understand all the praising by critics and why it was such a box-office hit at the time. I don’t even like the Morricone score that much.

haha it sounded like I’ve heard it before. maybe it’s Morricone’s “you don’t deserve me” tune he has in the drawer whenever a project like this comes along

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Hehe, that’s a good answer

I think the movie was pretty good when I saw a print taped from TV

I now have the recent Koch release, but haven’t watched it yet

I think I read somewhere that Bruckner likes the score of this film very much

I finally watched my Koch version yesterday.
Maybe it’s a bit too US-style for me, but still a good movie. Really entertaining and not one boring moment.
The lame US-version happy end is unbelievable…

For me, there wasn’t any difference between the 2 ends in relation to the film’s quality. It works the same with either of the both ends.

Yes, but Nicoletta is just cut in twice with no further relation to the scene…

SWs often simply cut things in which are obviously from another film (or planet).

I liked it to give the angry Thomas Hunter his double HE.

Ok, he deserves it. He can have Nicoletta (although he heard of his wife’s death, how long, one or two weeks ago?).

I’ve just re-watched Un fiume di dollari, this time the new Koch disc, which is a wonderful release once again.

Even though there is no original story and Tomas Hunter is acting way over the top at times (very annoying, it fits Silva though), I felt entertained ! The movie is by no means a classic but slightly above average SW material…