The Hills Run Red / Un fiume di dollari (Carlo Lizzani, 1966)

Ok, he deserves it. He can have Nicoletta (although he heard of his wife’s death, how long, one or two weeks ago?).

I’ve just re-watched Un fiume di dollari, this time the new Koch disc, which is a wonderful release once again.

Even though there is no original story and Tomas Hunter is acting way over the top at times (very annoying, it fits Silva though), I felt entertained ! The movie is by no means a classic but slightly above average SW material…

What exactly happens in Italian ending?

As far as I know not much different, just Nicoletta is missing.

Here’s what the datebase has to say:

"An Italian and an American/International Version exist. The American version has a Happy Ending, where the Hero wins. The available DVDs include the American version only. "

Now I’m confused. Reading this thread was the first time I heard that there are two endings. ???

AS I mentined before: When you have a look at Nicoletta, you’ll see that she doesn’t really fit into the final scene, we just see her twice with no connection to the other persons. Nobody looks at her, nobody talks to her, in the end they ride awy without her.

Ok. I do not remember much about his film. Info at database must be wrong (or bad choice of words at least) then, it gives me the idea that Italian version ends with bad guys wininng (Thomas Hunter gets shot or something like that).

No, there are only a few seconds more which show, what everybody suspected anyway, that poor Nico was a close relative to Minnesota Clay. And thereafter are two short shots (showing her happily smiling) missing, but even without them the italian version already had a happy end.

The DVD shows the happy happy end.

Bruckner lists the original version with 92 min, but that may be wrong.

Much appreciated!

Someone should add this info to the database.

Enjoyed watching Thomas Hunter on the revenge path, and some decent action in the film. Henry Silva is over the top a little at times, but that is fine with me. Good pace to film, and always remember the music to this as it was and still is the most expensive I ever paid for an L.P in my whole life.

Just tried to watch “Night of the Serpent” again but for some reason my DVD player didn’t like the DVD this time… so I watched this one again. Not bad, but not great. It seems to be very Americanized but does have a few good shots here and there. It almost seems like it’s trying to be an American action film as opposed to just an American western (all of the dynamite, when the guy jumps out the window and grabs the rope, etc) … I’m also, not too keen on them bringing a little kid into the scene either. The ending is just plain stupid and cheesy. As everyone says, Silva definitely steals the show. He was in “White Fang to the Rescue” with Donal O’Brian… directed by Tonino Ricci… haha… if you want to call that a SW (not really!)

Decent movie. I like Lizzani’s Requiescant much more.

I rewatched it last night and I really like it. I like Thomas Hunter as the lead even with his shouting the lnes. For a guy who not only was on the losing side of the US Civil War, serves time for robbery (and it’s pretty harsh at that), finding out his wife is dead, his son gone, and his so-called friend not only wants him dead but also was reason his family suffered I’d say he’s every reason to go a little nuts. Henry Silva’s role got better this time around - what a loon! Dan Duryea is well cast as well as Getz. It’s a good western from start to finish.

Thanks for the info on the alternate ending - Nicoletta does seem out of place at the very end - considering she was shot!

I thought the interview with Thomas Hunter was interesting on the Koch disc, and seems like a nice guy.

I liked the epic score and Henry Silva who was quite cool but not as great as in his crime flicks. Except from that, this a standard SW with a heavy american influence that didn’t do much for me. 2/5

Good movie with a good cast but I still didn’t like the American influence. Still 4/5.

I agree Silence - I don’t mind the American influence.

There are many American-style SWs I like.

The first Ringo looks pretty American…

If the mixture of (positive) American influences and European attitude results in a good balance, you have a near-perfect SW.

That’s not the case here, but its strengths definitely outweigh its weaknesses.

Saw this recently on the MGM disc. Thought it was a good film as it tried something different.