The Guess a Movie Screenshot Thread

Thank’s Aldo

Sorry for the delay, kind of busy these days
here it goes

Searching John Saxon and Milton Berle equals For Singles Only.

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LOL, you just beat me to it :smile:

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Yap Massimo was faster on the draw

Up to you mate

And yes nothing can’t beat those sixties bikinis

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Thanks, El Topo. With the second screencap I couldn’t decide whether it was an American movie with Americans imitating British or a British movie with British imitating Americans imitating British.

Is it Bullfighter and the Lady?

This is exploitation and came out a few years later.

A :loudspeaker::loudspeaker: 1960 :loudspeaker: :loudspeaker: juvenile delinquent/crime movie.

Additional screencaps aren’t going to reveal any more than these have.

So, a hint as to what it is not called is Tame Adulthood. And since it was released under another name as well, it is also not called Clothed Adulthood.

Wild Youth?

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Correct. You saved the day on that one.


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That was like pulling teeth! LOL … sorry my knowledge of 50s exploitation ain’t good. My loss I suppose :grin:

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I knew that one from the poster which I thought looked like a swamp babe jungle crime-romp. One that I did see and gets a lot of acclaim is The Sadist 1963 which did its part in broadening the range of ideas tolerated in public discourse aka normalizing teenage psycho behavior. :wink:

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Can’t claim to have heard about the film before, but here is a new one.

You guys can really pick a picture that is hard af. I’ll bow to anyone who can guess the movie from this.

This is admittedly a lesser known film, but it’s by a director with several SWs on his resume

Is it a Damiani film ?

No, it’s a director well versed in both SWs and giallos. Posting more pictures in the morning

Schock ?