The Guess a Movie Screenshot Thread


Thanks aldo… Let’s try this.

It’s a Fantasy movie.:slightly_smiling_face:


I hope it’s The Golden Voyage of Sinbad with my favorite Dr. Who Tom Baker, John Philip Law, and Caroline Munroe.

(Cat Stevens) #9077

Haha. They looked a lot cleaner on my tiny phone screen!


Yes, that’s the one makesthemovie.:+1:…Over to you.


Thanks Lone Gringo, since this is my first go around on this thread, I figured it should be an SW. Let’s see how this one fairs.


‘The Specialist’ ? :thinking:


That’s the one Aldo, your turn.


Thank you :smiley:

Ok … this one is from the 60s, by a famous American director.

(Phil H) #9083

Don’t know the film offhand but that is Ronald Fraser on the left isn’t it?


It is indeed :grinning:


(El Topo) #9086

This got to be Sinful Davey


Correct … over to you, El Topo :grinning:

(El Topo) #9088

Ok Aldo thanks and sorry for the delay

Let’s try an easy one anda an all time favourite


Is it Rififfi by Jules Dassin?


Spara al Pianista?

(Rutledal) #9091

Might as well throw Bande á part in there too as a guess

(Cat Stevens) #9092

And I’ll guess Army of Shadows!
EDIT: Nevermind. Army of Shadows is a color film! I think Massimo might have it.


The SW poster:



(Cat Stevens) #9094

I could see a late-era spaghetti film being called Snub & Raspberry!